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  1. Thanks for the cheering up !! 😃
  2. exactly what i need indeed! ill pm you
  3. well, looks like i wont be making it to Normandy after all...ordering that part from Ebay got me into a world of annoying sh*t... I paid for express posting but it took almost 3,5 weeks to arrive and when it did...it arrived broken. The seller just posted it after a couple of weeks, stuffed it loosely into an envelope and thus it got damaged. He had more, so i asked a mate who lives in the UK, in the same town as mr Green to buy another one and pick it up in person. Green would have none of that and only posted ordered items...well, you can guess by now it still has not arrived....what a crook So i decided to order a complete refurbished MCR...it will arrive june 8th..so no Normandy for me
  4. thnx mate! just found the ad you mentioned and ordered them right away
  5. @Ron Pier: would you mind posting a detail photo of your dynamo? i seem to be missing something there too to connect the wire loom to...
  6. sorry to keep asking stuff, but how long should the speedometer cable be?
  7. Hi Ron. Alas i only have the spare and replacement parts cat... cheers
  8. Any one have the wiring diagram online? Cheers!!
  9. i think i have found one on ebay which should be arriving soon. a mate of mine used it on his Norton and it worked fine. cheers
  10. they dont sell motorcycle harnasses im afraid
  11. Thanks Tom! I have the same problem, it’s not complete and one wire is bright blue... I was told wiring for the Triumph 3HW is similar btw
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