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  1. Thanks for the reply Richard, Hope your keeping well!
  2. 10.00 X 22 is for AEC 850... is this what your looking for? tom
  3. Hi Rob, i will get Tobin to call you about the wheel. Tom
  4. Tanks A Lot definitely do have one or two at the moment.
  5. what body is it? There are quite a few models, Mine is Fully fitted out for Y service. is it a listening station or a command vehicle?
  6. Give James Shopland a call, He's a really helpful chap and loves his Bedford QL's, hes got more than i could count!
  7. what is the rear crankshaft seal on one of these?
  8. hi lawrence, i have a MW in the yard that will be for sale. PM for details. Tom
  9. unfortunately i'm down to my last stillage of bits ben. I'll swap it for a motley mount
  10. Talk to Alex Scott, he may be making one. hes on about borrowing my QLR to copy.
  11. hi andrew, will get you the sizes later today if you still want it? The sensor is a wire on the coil. very similar to a stalwart. Regards Tom
  12. do you have an AEC 850 may i ask? We may be able to help one another? Tom
  13. Tobin Jones is the man to talk to about staghounds, if you have facebook message him. tom
  14. yes please to the Radiator surround. Tom
  15. Does anyone know where i can get a copy of an OT64 manual? don't mind it being in another language either! i thought i had managed to get hold of one but the chaps dissapeared! Kind Regards Tom
  16. Hi mate, Its been sent off to my man to have a quote to see how much they are, should have it by end of next week!
  17. Will drop it down to beefy tomorrow and see if he can knock them up, ill ask Scout carrier if he needs one made up for his CS8 and SW...
  18. It will be the Same as a Morris CDSW, i can get you the pictures and dimensions if needed ... Tom
  19. yeah mate, the one you sent me a pic of looked like a minter! ill try to drop over this week at some point to drop your tilly wheels off, i have sandblasted them and put them into red lead primer for you... sorry I've been a bit slow in doing it for you had to pretty much rebuild the morris for a film job as someone had let them down badly!
  20. Private benjamin is owned by a good friend of mine Nick Steggal, He's just done the engine conversion himself, also managed to squeeze a massive cummins 6BT into a landrover defender 90! hes a friendly old boy, still has the original petrol engine and conpoments but hes not going to be selling the parts incase he decides to put it back to original spec! Got thousands of pictures of the engine conversion
  21. Not too much to go now until me Ian Carlton (wolfy) and steve go up the airfield to do the chassis, then it will be time to start putting it back together! Exciting times!
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