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HELP on bedford MW gearbox please

Danny P

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I do not have the expertise on the gearbox but it is leaking some drops somewhere. The whole box is greasy and dirty (see pictures) which I believe could be grease from the propeller shaft universal joint. Anyway, there are some oil drops hanging at the underside of the box and there is some oil on the cross member between engine and box. The box looks dry from top to middle, but from the middle downwards it looks wet. Checked all the bolts are tight.


The box is working properly and smooth. I wonder where the leak is coming from and where to start the job? Could the oil even be from the engine? I have looked in the manual but didn’t find any oil seals in the sectioned drawing of the gearbox. Could it therefore only be a matter of changing oil papers? And how about the bearings regarding the leaking? Could someone advice on this topic please!



general impression of gearbox



greasy but dry at the propeller shaft universal joint side of the gearbox



greasy clutch housing and box and some oil on cross member.



wet at underside of box



greasy but dry at the front main drive gear shaft




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What oil is in the gearbox. There are no seals on the gearbox drive shaft etc, just a reverse thread to push the oil back. I have bee using 130 oil rather than 90 to stop the oil leaking out.

One other thing does it leak when standing or just when you are driving it.

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Hi Danny,

Don't know about everyone else but I can't see the photos, just get a message about "invalid atachment" if I click on the links. Very odd!


As for the Bedford: engine oil is much thinner and blacker than gearbox oil. Stick your finger in the drips and you should be able to tell quite quickly where it is coming from. If gearbox (and not from the top cover) it must be from the front (input shaft) housing, the PTO flange, or the back cover. All are easy to make new gaskets for - I have used the cardboard from breakfast cereal packets with a suitable oil resistant sealer like Hylomar. To do the front one you will need to remove the gearbox but that is really a very easy job. It is heavy but still liftable by one man so once you remove the floor plate above it, the prop shaft and the four bolts to the bell housing you can stand above it in the cab, hold the gear lever with both hands and wiggle it backwards out of the bell housing. If you have put a couple of pallets under the truck first, you can then lower it through the hole in the floor without being pulled through yourself. To get it back in you realy need another person under the truck to push it forwards while you support the weight by lifting it with the gear lever as a handle.


Alternatively you could just be pleased that it won't go rusty !



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Strange the pictures do not load but here they are:



general impression of gearbox



greasy clutch and some oil on cross member




greasy at front of gearbox but no oil (turn head sideways to the left or turn PC screen sideways to the right :D)



greasy at back of gearbox but no oil



wet and oil at underside of gearbox




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I wonder if you have a leaky rocker cover or pushrod cover gasket on the engine and that oil has been driven back over the gearbox. Something else to note is the tyre pump, it is lubricated from the gearbox and to ensure it does not fill the crankcase on the compressor, there is a small drain hole under it, as well as the gauze breather on the end. This is a common source of leaks from under the PTO and tyre pump.


Also, ensure the gearbox is not overfilled, someone may have topped it up by taking the gear lever out and not checking the level plug on the side.


regards, Richard

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First thing I would do is steam clean/degrease the gearbox and then look for the leak.


Not much hope of finding an oil leak on an oily surface.


I too would go with a rocker cover leak as the box is well covered from top down.

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