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  1. Many, many parts to sandblast and prime ... hence some more pictures. It seems like it never ends !😁 The smaller parts in labelled bags, in a box, on the shelf ... Bolts, nuts, washers, springs etc., etc. in jars with oil ... This is how the Bedford is at the moment. The next step is to sandblast the bulkhead. When this is done, I hope to be able to continue with the fun part, which is reassembling all the parts that are waiting on the shelf!
  2. Some sandblasted parts ... And some primed parts ... Looks like a store where you can choose the items you wish 😄 Not much to discuss I guess?
  3. Black primer... Chassis is in very good condition, no rot, no welding was needed, just like the rest of the chassis!
  4. I managed to build a cabin around the front chassis and so I was able to sandblast.
  5. Thank you Richard! Of course, just like the rear axle. If you have some time, could you please send me a picture of the sling attached to the brackets? Many thanks, Danny
  6. What are these triangular brackets or supports for? Two on each side of the front chassis. Danny
  7. Front project already started in beginning of 2021. My dear son ...! Cheers, Danny
  8. Sorry Richard, I was not able to read your posts for the last couple of months. I love all the copper work you made. It's fantastic. I had to show it my father who was a plumber for many years. He was amazed about all the precise work ...! So that's two compliments at the same time! Cheers, Danny
  9. I am back again! I have done a lot but, because of my very busy life, I was not in the oppertunity to post some pictures. Some pictures of the body how it was and how it is now. There were some incorrect details which have been changed now!
  10. Hello, I was wondering about the R stamp marking in a British WWII MKII helmet as presented in attached picture. Does anybody know what this R marking represents? Thanks, Danny
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