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  1. Hello, I was wondering about the R stamp marking in a British WWII MKII helmet as presented in attached picture. Does anybody know what this R marking represents? Thanks, Danny
  2. No help needed anymore! The slot at the below side of the steering wheel was full of dirt. All became visible and clear by cleaning it with some oil. Took the drag and the steering wheel came off within a minute! Regards, Danny
  3. Hi, I am planning to remove the steering wheel from my bedford MW for restoration but I am not sure how to do it. I have already moved the steering wheel locking ring/nut. I am aware of using a drag but the slot and gusset in the attached picture makes my doubts. I assume the gusset will move into the slot in one way or another but will this happen when using the drag? But how, there is no slot at the below side of the steering wheel so this implies that the wheel will not come off that way. Perhaps I have to push out the gusset from the inside of the steering connecting rod before u
  4. Came across this one! Is it an original WWII British petrol can?
  5. I am not familiar with armoured and tracked vehicles. I do have a price in mind but what would be a fair price for the set of two? Thanks, Danny
  6. I would like to know if a British WWII soldier in the European Theater in 1944-1945 could have carried ammunition produced in Canada or produced in South Africa or maybe some other countries? And may this ammo also have been interware production? Thanks, Danny
  7. Thank you guys! Got someone who is interested but he doesn't know if they would fit on a bren carrier .... who can tell! Danny
  8. Can anybody tell me about the thickness of the rubber wheels. They are approximately 30 mm thickness. How thick were new ones. I would like to indicate the percentage of use! Thanks, Danny
  9. For sale lot of two T16 Univeral Carrier wheels U.S.A. 1943 dated Oct. and Dec. 1943 including cut part of the bogies. Price: offers Collection only Located near Maastricht Netherlands
  10. I recently came across these socks which were stored in a cardboard box for many years and still look very good. I wonder if they are second world war period? They are marked Army grey, made in England, size 10 inch as can be seen on the picture. I've seen socks with a label stitched inside but were always post war or jungle issue. I once saw socks that were stamped in the same way as this pair and were dated 1944. However these are undated. They also have that typical old scent that makes them useless as Christmas socks 😁 Happy X-mas, Danny
  11. Thank you Tim for this addition! Unfortunately I 'm not on facebook and the LTF website does not show a detailed program. Is there a chance for me to find out if and where I can watch the XXX corps tommorrow September 22nd as this is my last chance. I would also like to show this to my son who is 18 years old and has never seen this. I would be greatful if anybody can tell me where to be tomorrow for the XXX corps!!! Many thanks, Danny
  12. Yesterday I read a Dutch newspaper article about the event with which everything became clear to me. There appear to be two organization groups i.e. "Liberation task force" and "Stichting operation Market Garden". The southern and northern convoy routes are organized by the "Stichting operation Market Garden" in which in particular US vehicles participate. In the "Liberation task force" in particular British vehicles participate. I didn't know that. The reason of two organization groups is a difference in insight about what the event should look like. Let's not discuss about that to
  13. Thank you Pete and Tim! Awesome video …! Maybe I am late with my questions and had to ask them before all started! I hope all these vehicles shown in the video Pete added to this post will participate in the northern convoy route this comming Sunday? If I'm right this route will travel from base camp in Schijndel to the other camp in Grave, then to Groesbeek and ending in Nijmegen. Does anybody perhaps know? I only have the oppertunity to go on Sunday and I would like to see all the British very much. Thanks, Danny
  14. Last Saturday I 've watched the 75th anniversary Hells Highway southern route vehicles convoy about 10 km from the starting point in Leopoldsburg Belgium. To me as a British vehicles enthousiast the convoy was very disappointing. Hardly any British WWII vehicles. I remember only one Bedford MW, one Fordson WOT2, one C15 CMP, a few utility cars and that's about it. Maybe I have forgotten one but at least no British armoured vehicles, no bren carriers and no tanks at all. If I have looked closely I have hardly seen British license plates on the vehicles. The passing of the convoy took only half
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