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British Army giving Shermans to US in WW2


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I have just come across a piece in an official 21st Army Group history, printed in 1945. In December 1944, the British Army in Europe supplied the American Army with 351 used Sherman Tanks, replacing the British Radios with American radios before shipping them. The Shermans came from stock as well as Shermans in service. Also supplied to the Americans were 25 pounder guns, Limbers and 6 pounder guns. Anyone heard of this before?

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Yes, that's why one can find pictures of Sherman M4A4 in US service. That batfled the researchers initially as the M4A4 production was assigned to Lend Lease recipients and not intended for use by the U.S. Military. I'd say, a case of Lend Lease And Borrow Back :D


lt happened with other equipped as well. They were Allies!

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One BIG diffrence in all this equipment swap. If the British recived the M4A4 or any other equipment or supplies they were paid for. When the US got them back or were supplied with British equipment, they didn't reimburse.


Not in cash no, the reverse lend-lease was a sort of part exchange, lessening the outstanding debt.

There were also other similar arrangements for example American aircraft shipped over the Atlantic for use by the USAAF were reassembled by British contractors, nominally at a price but again it was used to offset the debt.

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