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MRCV Cyclops Mk.4 Bomb Disposal Robot

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Hi all,

This is my first forum post (less the introduction) so hopefully I've got it in the right place. It's not a tank, but it's got tracks!


I purchased this absolute wreck a couple of years back from Witham Specialist Vehicles, I have no idea what had happened to it, but it had been crudely mated with some garden trolley wheels from B&Q, and the electronics inside with some off the shelf RC car parts, then promptly left to rot in a corner outside somewhere as it was absolutely filthy.

Since then I've been slowly restoring it to a somewhat functioning condition, which given that this is now very old technology with limited parts available was easier said than done! It doesn't have the precise handling as it once did, but it drives and operates in a way that works for a display piece/big boys toy!


Are there any other robot collectors/restorers on this forum?



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That's very cool.  I love the idea of robot collectors and restorers.  I'm on the Vintage Computer Forum as well and collect old minicomputers.  I did have a couple 1980s civilian robots and a VAX 11/751 from an AWACS over the years, but that's as close as I've gotten.

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