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I'm assuming they don't do the UK type of hazard perception tests in Germany? :-)


All jokes aside, this just shows that regardless of good you may be at driving an MV, it won't stop you having an accident.



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I don't think that he intended to brake to the left but the small roller skate under the right track would have had less grip on the road than the rubber pads on the left track, hence the turn left. she must have pulled out with the tank just feet away and going at a good speed for the tank to have taken so long to stop. I think she was VERY lucky to survive that error of judgement.


As Andy says above, people can pull out (or step out) on any of us, in any vehicle, but if we are driving a CVRT or FV432 there will be much more damage to the car and vast amounts of interest from the police and press. I have driven large tracked military vehicles on the public road and have come to think that it is simply too risky as the cars seem to turn into rabbits when they see you coming.



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I am intrigued at the statement in the linked article "The car, however, suffered 12,000 euros (£8,600) worth of damage". The car must be a write-off - it cannot be economically repairable after that encounter - so I presume this is sloppy reporting for "the car, which prior to the accident was worth 12,000 euros, was a write-off".

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