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Is this a CCKW rim?


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I have a M5 3" anti tank gun being restored. I want to put new tires on it but the tires are foam filled, and the tires will have to be cut off. This will be VERY expensive to do. Like a grand. So I thought I'd just replace the rims, but not sure what they used.


Here is a shot of the rim. Is this a CCKW rim?





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Why would it cost that much? Surely the tyres can just be cut off with a 9" grinder?


- MG


Well, it is a restorer. They had to do this to a 37mm tire and it took 2 guys over a day to cut the tire off of the 37mm rim. He says the 3" tire and rim weighs over 200 lbs, so he is figuring 2 to 3 guys to handle it and 2 days labor. Adds up quick.


He's a good guy, but it is a business and he has to make money. He is doing the tires by the hour, but the grand was for both tires, new tires, new tubes, and having the local farm tractor company mounting the new tires on, which gave him a price of 165.00 for that. They refused to touch the tires on there at all.

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Guess that is U.S. dollars, i.e. £650 for 2 = £325 each, and as that is with new tires/tubes fitted (say £120 - 150 tyre £20 tube £55 fitting) then the balance of £100 - 130 per wheel seems a very sensible estimate to get the old ones off.


If you buy a couple of rims and get them freighted to you (say £50 + 25 freight each) you're looking at potential saving of around £25 - 55 per wheel?

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Getting places to handle spit rim tires is really hard. Most will not, and the ones that do will charge you.


A certified inflation cage is expensive, and if a rim lets go the cage will be damaged. Look at some youtube videos of split rims exploding... definitely not worth a few dollars profit from a one time sale.

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