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  1. Outside mirrors, or on the windshield? If on the Windshield, both Midwest, and Vintage Power Wagon parts has them.
  2. If you get a new battery cable, BE SURE and do not run to a car parts place and get one of theirs. The ones there are a #6 which is for 12 vt. A 6vt should be at the least a single 0, or double 0 is better. Half the voltage, is twice the amps. This is why a lot of 6vt systems will not work right.
  3. I have one of the power inverters that Pietro makes for use. I'm looking for a BA-37 battery just to display with a BA-38, I have.
  4. I have thought of about that. Rayovac used to make a industrial flashlight battery that was 2 D Cells made in 1 case. But I have not seen that in years. I thought about trying to find one of those, but no luck so far.....
  5. Ok with several peoples help from over here, I now have a original BA-38 103 volt battery. Now I'm trying to find a BA-37 Battery. It does not need to even work, I just want one for display. It looks like a D cell just twice as long. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Well, Looks like I was wrong....... I found some photos of a fording kit. I David books on the WC. Came throung the hood and the exhaust run up beside the bed. Another guy I know suggested that it could be holes for a heater kit. As Norway was using it post war. Does anybody have any photos of the heater kits installed?
  7. Well, I discovered something new about my WC63 yesterday. I was pulling running board off on the passenger side to replace the wood spacer blocks. So, I pulled the gas can holder off and found a round hole in it. I looked at the cowl, and there is 2 bolt holes in side of it. So it looks like my truck was equipped with a fording kit. Another interesting thing.... This truck went to Europe. No question in that as it was given to Norway after the war, and they used it till the early 90's. Then it came back to the US. Since this truck was made on July 23, 1943, went to Europe, and had a Fording kit on it, you have to wonder if it was used on D Day....... I tried Googling something on photos of the WC with a fording kit, but could not find anything. Does anybody have any Photos? And does anybody have a fording kit parts of a kit, or drawing of the fording kit parts?
  8. Go to Facebook page "Military Vehicles By The Numbers" it is run by Tom Wolboldt. He can help you. He knows more than most anybody I know.
  9. And they are correct. My Dad was raised on a Share Cropper farm In the US that was legal slavery. You could not leave till you were even with the Company Store, and you never got even. I have a double barrel rabbit eared 12ga that was held on the owner while they packed up and left. He was on his on since he was 15, and got to a 8th grade education. But has more common sense than a whole room full of College students. He told me one night, he had a rod knocking on a 38 Chevy straight 8. He pulled over took a flash light and dropped the pan, did not even drain it, dropped it full of oil, found which rod had slack in it. Pulled that cap, cut a piece off his belt, put it in the cap and piston, but it all back together and drove it home. Now days, most would keep driving till it threw a rod, then call a wrecker, and HAVE a new engine in it. He always told me, "There is a big difference in a Parts changer and a Mechanic, A Mechanic can make it work."
  10. You hit the nail on the head. We can't get young people to become a Forklift tech, and the ones we have, if the computer does not tell them what is wrong, they do not know what to do. Out of 24 tech in the shop and on the road, I'm the only one there that has a vacuum gauge and knows hoe to use it. And it it not just Military Vehicle Clubs, car clubs, and civic clubs are having a hard time getting young members. They are all dying out.
  11. Excellent video. Enjoyed it. Thanks
  12. Another thing, I am a Trainer on Forklifts, and most of the techs are 40 and above. All kids are taught today is computers. For the most part they do not know how to even do a simple brake job. I over hauled my 1st car eninge when I was 10 with my Father watching, and instructing me.
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