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  1. It sold on ebay about 18 months ago in same condition for half that price...
  2. https://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_16654-Bedford-M-Type-1952.html That link has a picture of the Bedford and hitch, its listed as ex BBC. So maybe no military link.
  3. I dont think I'd have a home to go to if I even brought up the idea of another...... :laugh::laugh:
  4. Hello all, My latest projects have landed, I've bought a pair of Fordson E4 wagons. I have had the one fitted with an engine running (yellow one), but looking for user handbook and workshop manual if anyone has one to help work out what everything does. The green ones original engine is now powering a bren gun carrier! Thanks guys and gals Austin
  5. Try on retrorides forum, they love the unloved!
  6. I have done a deal on two, due to arrive very soon! Very interested in NOS parts for them! Cheers Austin
  7. Thats a poorly RL! Thank you for sharing, any K9 pics?!
  8. Anyone got a set of hoope/hoodsticks they would like to sell? For Bedford MK or MJ, maybe Daf. Thanks
  9. Me too, I'm sure I replied on your other thread. Im in Preston btw.
  10. I have one, Im in Preston Lancs.
  11. Yes, I found this too, the key is to change how you're holding the lever (hand in front pushing back rather than on top!). Good luck with the rebuild. RL's have always been my favourite truck ever since seeing the chassis twisting as a child!
  12. Thanks for the heads up! I love my ultrasonic cleaner, the best tool I have ever used!
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