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Shipping Wars on Channel 4 commencing 2nd Feb 15


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Some of you may recall that the moving of my Humber and Landy were filmed for C4 on the above programme.


You may have seen the trailer ads being shown on C4 recently.


C4 have contacted me that it will be on one of the nights in the first weeks episodes from 2nd Feb.


Whilst I have no idea how they have portrayed me in the programme or the final edited version I can only wait with some intrepedation to watch how it turned out!


I hope I don't look like a complete sad prat! They did ask me to do some interesting shots, but as I say no idea what went into the final edit......


The truck driver Russell is a character, so it should be either entertaining or a disaster.....??


I will let you all decide if you watch it.


If nothing else I did a bit to advertise the hobby / obsession we all share.


Just wanted to drop a post as many people ask me when was it on! I was originally told Nov 14, so its a bit later than I thought too.


Cheers ;)

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Wish I could watch it over here in the 'States. We have a version of that show on the TV over here as well. I'm not much on TV especially "Reality TV" but I do admit that that show is interesting to watch. When I won my S-3 lwt off of ebay I used U-ship.com to haul it. First thing I said when it arrived & the driver got out of his truck was "Hey, you're not the guy from that show!" (driver laughed). Good luck with your "big break" :cool2:



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7 seconds in and a glimpse of a Pig and Land Rover

Well spotted matey.

That's my babies............

Not spotted on the C4 advert yet, but they are there alright in the Utube add..........

Whoop Whoop!......

Ohh Fek I hope its good telly now ????? :blush::blush::blush::undecided::undecided::undecided::undecided::undecided::undecided::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

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I spotted the first one that was on yesterday and at the end before they ran the credits is gave a preview of what was coming up later in the week.

I saw a brief glimpse of me steering the 'Toastie' onto the trailer as it was being towed on.....

They described the episode of transporting two historic vehicles!

Having seen the first one and the jibbing the drivers give each other under critique it should be quite a giggle.

The driver I had. 'Russel' certainly had a sense of humor, that's for sure!

Mind you the episode last night had one driver getting very peeved off, when he could drive on the Le Mans jaguar into his trailer......

I don't think I had Russel getting hot under the collar, but time will tell when he is interviewed in the episode!

All good fun I guess?? :blush:

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Well Wayne you have been too modest to ask if anyone watched it.


I missed the first 10 mins but I don't think there was anything of yours on then. The focus of this episode seemed to be the bodily decorated couple trying to find a hotel in France late at night there didn't seem to be much about whatever load they were carrying, endless time in a London traffic jam with these racing car things & a poor haulier petrified by his payload of bees.


They only gave you a few minutes which seemed rather short changing your fan club. So I don't know whether there is more tomorrow of yours? Didn't fill me with confidence the initial method of loading the Rover. Wayne you came over as very sensible so that's television for you :-D

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There was a lot more Pig, Wayne & family today & that came over well. The programme was severely padded out with the repeat of the goings on of these of other carriers from yesterday. It seemed very limp trying to stimulate the other couriers to try to bitch about their rivals endeavours.


So if I have grasped the purpose of this "war" correctly whoever charges their client the most whilst retaining a 5* feedback wins. Very strange & we have two couriers who don't do anything, but presumable had a quick job done & finished in episode one.


Like Wayne I was impressed when his man went down a cul de sac then popped out again having turned around with his long load.

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Thanks guys...

I guess it all ends tonight.

The repeat and back tracking is a pain. I must confess myself.

I am glad I have come across as sensible and not tooooo much of a nerd!

My son was very impressed to see himself and is looking forward tonight to being another cuttie on TV.

It was an experience and a bit of fun, so I have to say I enjoyed my moment of fame!

Nobody has stopped me for an autograph though yet! :cry:

Thanks for following my TV debit guys :-D

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I watched the first part with your vehicles yesterday online, and I have to say that although I did watch some of series one when it was first transmitted I had forgotten what a totally appallingly ghastly programme it actually is!


To my mind a subject that could actually be the basis of an interesting documentary-style series (how the huge variety of different and disparate lorry-loads of stuff are moved on our roads) has been dumbed down to the extent that is is embarrassing to watch!


This is not intended in any way as a criticism of either you or the other participants in the programme, by the way. I guess it isn't even really a criticism of the prgramme-makers, although I realise it appears to be. I think it iprobably is a criticism of the vast hordes of TV-viewing masses who are too dumb to demand something better!


No offense intended to anyone with the post, by the way, it just strikes me as such a shame that the same effort wasn't directed into making a much better programme! Why does everything have to be made into some sort of half-witted competition now?


Interesting to compare this programme with the series "Monster Moves" where a similar dumbing down effect was noted (though at least the participants in "Shipping Wars" didn't spontaneously burst into song, and there were no cartoon graphics)!

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Well my moment of fame has finished.

Bit of a whacky show, but we had fun and I think my son was the real star!

He was made up that our lorry driver won and that our Landy and Piggy were the best load as a result.

At least when I can get the vehicles out there complete I can add to the descriptions that they starred in Shipping Wars 2015 on Channel 4.

It all adds to the charm and info for discussion with the public. I am no nearing to knowing what previous film or TV debut the PIGGY had painted as a RIOT CONTROL Truck???? Only time will tell on that one.

I know people won't have had as much fun watching it as I did taking part.

Just glad it all got televised. I think it was mid 2014 when I took the Friday of work to do it.

At least the vehicles are home and more accessible, which was the whole reason for approaching 'Shiply' for a quote in the first place.

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Well done Wayne I think you came over very well on screen and the youngster made me and the wife laugh out loud with his faith in the driver , I don't think much of the show though :D and must admit to FF to the bits you were in.

Will have to call by to inspect your vehicles now they are safely home.



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Well done Wayne I think you came over very well on screen and the youngster made me and the wife laugh out loud with his faith in the driver , I don't think much of the show though :D and must admit to FF to the bits you were in.

Will have to call by to inspect your vehicles now they are safely home.



Thanks buddy.

Yes please do call by it would be great to greet ya! Kettle is always on and hot. Just in case.

See ya soon :)

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