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Who forgot that they bought a tank?


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Bought by a Nigerian ...from a owner who's to embarresed to admit he was scammed...


No mate they get oil companies to buy them. A few years back an Oil Company purchsed a number of T54 enginnering vehicles for a contract in Nigeria. Made sense, the vehicles were cheap easy to maintain and did the job . However, when the contract was finished, the vehicles were 'Gifted' to Nigeria.

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I don't think the other vehicle under all that "junk" at the 00:14 mark is actually an M41. Not sure what it is maybe some kind of armored car?


The M41 Walker Bulldog replaced the WWII vintage M24 Chaffee. Arrived to late for Korea, were phased out of front line service by the time Vietnam rolled around. They were used by American reserve & National Guard units through the 1960s (maybe 1970s?) the M42 duster variant was phased out of ANG service in the early 1980s.




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