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The prayers of half track owners world wide have been answered!


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This is good news for us track owners. Israelis still are willing to make them, but at a hefty price. There has been alot of work in the USA to find a new manufacturer, but nothing solid. These are out of the Netherlands I believe and as of this date no price. Will be interesting to see the price compared to the Israel track price

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That's indeed good news for the halftrack owners around the world!


The Americans have been trying for a long time to put together a deal to manufacture them, in the US if possible, but nothing yet. The Dutch beat them to it, and I am not surprised. My educated guess would be that it is Staman Trading who's behind this? They already manufacture (in China BTW) new tracks for Shermans, and at a price that's not too shabby. Which is why I think, and hope, that the prices will be within reach for most halftrack owners and restorers.


There is a Latin American manufacturer that produces tracks for the halftracks still left in some of the Latin American armies. But the discussions with them didn't produce any results. Reports say that quality and high price didn't add up to much.


One cannot help but wonder if Staman haven't decided to produce them by the same Chinese company that manufactures the Sherman track? The Chinese manufacturer also produce the type of rubber tracks in halftracks for that type of vehicles which use tracks.


The Isareli company that owns the molds and machinery used to make the tracks for Israeli armies halftracks, and which have been sold in the last few years, will probably not be able to sell their machinery for a whole lot of money now.... Bite over too much, and all that.


Goran N

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I read on Steel Soldiers forum that someone in USA was developing manufacturing options and had spent a lot of time/effort on the undertaking. Not sure of status, but that may be another resource.


I would love a halftrack, but thus far relegated to drooling only.:-)

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