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FV headlight bits

Sean N

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it is a bit difficult to respond to your question for a number of reasons.


Firstly we dont know where in the heck you live, if you look at the top of the post here that I have made you will see on the right that I am in Canada, fill your public profile bit out with even just a country and that will help. It is pointless to recommend Tim Vibert in Australia as a source if you live in Arbroath Scotland!


Also condition, do you need new or used? how many?


See what I'm saying mate? No offence meant.



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This prompts a question. I assumed there was normal headlight versions and also spotlight versions.


My assumption is based on i seen some fitted to vehicles with flat glass instead of the atypical ribbed glass. Curious as i want to fit spotlight lens and bits to mine..

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Thanks all.


Mike, I'm not sure if there are headlamp and spotlamp versions of these lights, or just different but similar looking lights. At one time I'd have been able to tell you instantly but having not dealt with them for some years, I'm struggling to recall a lot of the detail. If I find more I'll let you know.

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