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L1a1 SLR Early Spec Deactivated


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I have a nice early spec SLR which I bought when I was going to show my Lightweight Land Rover, well that and it brought back happy memories :D I am thinking of selling it but am struggling to come up with a realistic fair price to ask. Any ideas/offers guys ? VCR applies. 020.jpg




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Bumped into an old friend at a gun show recently. FN FAL new in the box for $2000. Ok, its Argentinian, and 7.62 ammo is getting expensive. Lee Enfields and Garands were $500 and up, and rough Mosins around $180. Best way back into full-bore shooting was a "sporterized" Lee Enfield at $225. But the economical way to shoot is "black rifles" and 5.56/.223 although the short sight throw probably won't help my old eyes much. :-(


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Still looking for one of these.....


There are now 2 on MILWEB, £1300 & £1650, both look very good. I believe these are now becoming investment pieces which is what's driving the price up so fast. Ok so long as They don't make them illegal.... watch this space.





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On 10/20/2014 at 1:15 PM, arcot1751 said:

Sold - Thank You. :)

Judging from the above reply, he sold it on the 20th Oct 2014!!


And he legally couldn’t sell you it now anyway as it is old spec and does not meet the EU requirements. Had it been the end of March then it may have been different matter.

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