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  1. Must be old style, 3 mounting points. Any condition considered so long as not shot through with rust. Bob
  2. Hi missed your post at the time, lot going down then. Did you manage to sell these? I only want the case, still looking. Cheers Bob
  3. And one test fitted to my vehicle, I'll get the other done tomorrow and the gaskets fitted which arrived today.
  4. Here are the said items, condition is excellent
  5. Well, Thank you all for your input, I am now sorted with a pair of pukka MRC8276 Cheers Bob
  6. Yes and no, these are RatDyot's rather than Wingard but the two are contemporary, dimensions of mirror heads should be 7" x 5". Is that MOD packaging? would appreciate pic of the box labeling especially date of manufacture if you don't mind. If they are going spare, I'll have them off you. Regards Bob
  7. Hi All, For the record my vehicle is Lightweight 19HF27, FFR, build date Dec '79. The correct mirrors for the vehicle as built are MRC8276, see Land rover fiche parts catalogue RTC9968FA, Series III, 88"-1/2 ton Military Vehicle (Air Portable - Lightweight) 12 and 24v, fiche 2 D7. This is the correct item: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gen-NOS-Land-Rover-Series-2-2a-3-Large-Convex-Door-Wing-Mirror-Head-MRC8276/401776109190 - at one hell of a ridiculous price!!! All I'm after is a couple of good seconds. Yes the tractor mirrors are very very similar but not quite right. Thanks for all the input. Bob
  8. Regrettably, that's not what I'm after but thanks for posting.
  9. You are right, MRC8276 convex, not MRC8270 which are flat (my typo error). My vehicle is a December '79 build Lightweight FFR. Currently it is fitted with the later, August '82 on until production end, Defender type MTC5083 door mirrors mounted via brackets MRC2863 to the top door hinges. My intention is to replace these with the correct for build MRC4583 mirror arms and MRC8276 heads. I have a good pair of original Land rover (Wingard) MRC4583 arms but I need a pair of the original Land rover (Wingard) MRC8276 steel mirror heads to go with them. The mounting bracket is the same for either. So, anyone with a decent pair of the aforesaid MRC8276, I would be very appreciative. Not bothered if the glass is broken. Regards and thanks for the input. Bob
  10. Anyone have a pair of genuine LR (Wingard) 7"x 5" mirror heads in good used condition/NOS they might want to part with for a fair price? Not interested in the Ashtree or BM plastic stuff around these days. Regards Bob
  11. Thanks but I already have a repro and want the original article. Regards Bob
  12. Hi, Thanks, yes I have but with one exception at horrendous price, https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=15&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwi-4JSnm5rmAhVRtHEKHV9JBqIQFjAOegQIBBAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fitm%2FGENUINE-LAND-ROVER-WEIGHT-BRIDGE-PLATE-MILITARY-LIGHTWEIGHT-REFURBISHED-%2F153105982704&usg=AOvVaw08RGjXloruwh0Pz7774K_W, they are wrong for series vehicles and mostly copies. Regards Bob
  13. Anyone have an original British Army bridge plate for sale? Must have 3 mounting point holes and fully rounded edge. Regards Bob
  14. Over 2 years down the line and still looking..... Bob
  15. This is what it looks like just in case someone has one and doesn't know it. Pic courtesy of Military Lightweight Forum Regards Bob
  16. On the lookout for this case, any condition considered. Regards Bob
  17. The original 6TN's were wet, 6 cap. I know of one company that (I think) still has them, dry stored but available filled. Here is the original spec; UK6TN spec.pdf Bob
  18. Me again, have you conducted the functional checks on the swopped out unit? Pecs for 353's are relatively easy to obtain if you can isolate the problem and fairly straight forward to repair. Again, don't bin the set. Regards Bob
  19. Ok, sorry it seems to be a goner but they are not expensive these days, you can pick them up for around £80 working. I also have a BID sim 250/11 in mine, all working. Best of luck with another but keep your old one and open it up. There is a fuse circuit board inside it which may be the problem but usually there's a wider problem causing it to fail. I have the test data somewhere but you need the tester (and user instructions for it) to conduct the testing and they are very rare. I only know of one in private hands at this moment. Regards Bob
  20. Sorry to state the obvious but start with the PDB fuse and check your power cable for output to the DMU, it may just be a bad connection. There is no internal fuse. Regards Bob
  21. Hi Iain, This is a month for 'specials' without a doubt. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Clansman-Radio-VRQ301-HIGH-POWER-/252868945650?hash=item3ae029e6f2:g:dM8AAOSwTM5Y8jd4 I know of this kit but knowledge is limited. Regards Bob
  22. Hi Iain, Thanks for all the excellent info, much appreciated. It has certainly filled a gap in my knowledge. I was aware of the crypto museum site. Another thing, I have tried to find out info on the BID300 in the past but failed, don't even know what it looks like. Anything on that? Regards Bob
  23. Iain, Fascinating, I knew you would know something of it. So do you think it was in UK service? or just trialed? As I'm sure you know, a 320 can be run through the DMU/BID250 for encryption so why this? It can obviously can be fixed to the standard 320 mountings a la 12W surf, so I guess it's a stand alone encryption unit? Apologies for all the questions. Regards Bob
  24. Anyone know about this bit of kit for a 320? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-CLANSMAN-RADIO-MILITARY-PRC320-CODE-MESSAGE-UNIT-CGT1052-/201889052390?hash=item2f018676e6:g:xt0AAOSw~CFY7j~6 It's obviously a sim as the l/h keyboard doesn't exist. BID? Never seen before, pre 319 add on for the 320?, cannot find anything about it on the net. Iain one for you? Regards Bob
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