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  1. You worry about that? "what language you speak ovar? Y'all speak murcan or what?"
  2. Might want to "breathe" on the engine a little, perhaps a Meteor, or even a Merlin for the wheelie factor.
  3. How about a star gate portal opening onto an alien world landscape? ...... My neighbors seem like total aliens.
  4. Homing device to help you find a portapotty in the blackout.<br> "F" being the German word "Fartzimmer".<br>
  5. Bribing the right people in that part of the Commonwealth is an intricate matter.
  6. No idea what this is. Seen on the road between Allentown PA and Lancaster PA. It looks like a cross between a snowmobile, a whippet and a combine harvester!
  7. It looked pretty finished when I saw it...... Actually this is is the one in Alford Transport Museum seen last month: And they have a Halley fire engine chassis hanging from the ceiling:
  8. In a yard just south of Houston Hobby airport: The owner said the Dodge had been parked there 30 years, has a blown motor, and $1500 would be real welcome right now.
  9. They look too high for DMS boots. I think my dad had a pair like these, tall with the distinctive raised bubbles, they may be RAF issue aircrew boots from the late 50's.
  10. Isn't that about what you need to build a Harley?:whistle: "Harley-Davidson - converting gasoline into noise without the annoying byproduct of horsepower since 1903"
  11. You might be overthinking this one. I believe you will be able to extract the mandrel with a few taps, especially if you beeswax it up first. If it proves impossible even after a little gentle heating for expansion, you can always drill the crown, it needs a hole to bolt onto the kingpin top anyway, tap it for air or grease fitting, epoxy up the air hole in your mandrel, then blow it out with a grease gun or airline.
  12. The pilot episode of "Girls Und Panzers".
  13. Bumped into an old friend at a gun show recently. FN FAL new in the box for $2000. Ok, its Argentinian, and 7.62 ammo is getting expensive. Lee Enfields and Garands were $500 and up, and rough Mosins around $180. Best way back into full-bore shooting was a "sporterized" Lee Enfield at $225. But the economical way to shoot is "black rifles" and 5.56/.223 although the short sight throw probably won't help my old eyes much. :-( https://www.facebook.com/steve.barnes.5437/media_set?set=a.10204559520485842.1073741831.1168591470&type=1&pnref=story
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