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Land Rover 2a gearbox markings


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Dragged the original gearbox from the FFR out the garage today to give it a clean and degrease to hopefully get it rebuilt sometime soon, I knew there were a few extra markings on it and some paint but never knew inside the bellhousing was yellow! is this normal for military 2a boxes? and does anyone recognise any of the other markings?













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The long number starting 151..... will be the serial number of the box. Being an army gearbox it has more than likely gone through a few rebuilds, where they are exchanged and sent back for an overhaul programme. Having done this way back in early 70's, I can say that boxes were marked with a programme number and all casings would have same number as they were easily mixed up in the stripping and cleaning process.

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I did find 723 on the casings so I presume thats the programme number, where gearboxes painted like engines too?



The programme we were doing were Series 2 and 2a and were despatched in bare alloy, just steel parts painted black. In later years I have seen some reconditioned boxes in Sky Blue or even green

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151 prefix Series II petrol 2286cc




241 prefix Series IIA petrol 2286cc 8:1 CR


141 prefix Series II petrol 1997cc


Original prefix No. would be within a few hundred of engine serial No. that had same prefix , so you can see it is possible to rough date


The original Ser. No. is on the top cover , so you need to find the match marks for top cover & main-casing to confirm the top is not off another box LoL


The WV , probavly a WV (wheeled vehicle contract) , you have date marks & other refurb numbers - seems re-worked two or three times.


Are you certain the yellow is not GOLD ?

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