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  1. Deactivated with certificate, ex British military 66mm Law, does extend and closes back up, used by many NATO forces from the 60's onwards. £300
  2. Deactivated M20 3.5 inch bazooka, used by US forces in late ww2, Korea and (I believe) Vietnam, splits in 2 half and clips together for easy transport, deactivated with certificate £950
  3. Been a while since I put anything up here, so lets have a little up date, Just before Easter I managed to get hold of the correct ATU for the C13 HF radio set, pretty much NOS! so got that fitted and tested etc. With the space freed up from removing the incorrect ATU I was able to fit the amplifier to use the loud speaker. Unfortunately when I tested it it just blew the fuses! no idea why until the next day it turned out after having it in storage for years I hadn't noticed it is a (rare?) 12 volt unit! Thankfully I had another, but more tatty looking one I had brought a while ago for the cables and other bits so hopefully will be able to test it when the new fuses arrive. Took advantage of the good weather today to go out and do a few lanes near home today too 🙂
  4. Bofors, Humber LRC, guessing its an RAF Regiment parade?
  5. Used one in a 109 Land Rover with a later 2.5 n/a fitted, always started even after being left for ages, also two in the wife Tdi powered 109 camper conversion one red top and a yellow top leisure battery, no dramas with any of them. I did put a pair in my early 24v 40 amp SWB FFR though and for some reason it didn't like them and one of them won't charge properly so gone back to lead acid in that one but the 12v 109's are great with theirs.
  6. Suffolk, just south of Diss, but friends might be able to collect it for me though, could you PM me your postcode please
  7. Interested, just seeing if there's anyone I know up that way who could collect it for me though
  8. I'm looking for the ATU seen in the top left of the radio set up in the photo (looks like a cylinder) to complete my C13 set up in my FFR, if anyone has one or knows of one please let me know
  9. If it was a 24v FFR then the oil cooler was standard fitment.
  10. Does it have the top cover too?
  11. Just to throw an idea out there, I'm currently converting a UK Land Rover to a Spanish made Santana 3.4lt 6 cylinder diesel engine, which is basically a Land Rover 2.25 diesel with 2 extra cylinders, repositioned injector pump and timing gears. I'v no idea what work would be involved but it had got me thinking if this would be a good engine to fit into something like a QL? (all the parts like the injectors, pistons, con rods etc are the same as the standard 2.25 diesel engines)
  12. Lightweight with Larkspur ATU driving through Diss and stopping at the Shell garage for fuel yesterday
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