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18 Pdr Mk V

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I am just coming to completion of an 1920 18 pdr MkV restoration which has been ground up. This piece was an absolute B*****d to break down into parts and took quite some time. This mark of 18 pdr is by far the rarest surviving today and is one of only a handful in preservation. Without going into too much detail here are some pics,I am still in the finishing process so hopefully a couple of weeks should see it through !











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The Mk V was quite a leap forward in development standards particularly because they introduced the split trail for increased travers, from what I have read this improvement was not received very well amongst gunners maybe because it was something new and unfamiliar with. As we all know the 25 pdr reverted back to the old style box trail.

The original format would have been fitted with wooden Artillery wheels but not the same design as the earlier Marks, the MkV wheel had a larger thicker tyre.

The Gun I have just completed was fitted pre WWII with the Martin Parry conversion for mechanized movement which was the preferred conversion by the Irish Army, the Guns in British service however were converted to take the standard 9,00/16" Hub and WD split rim.attached are a few pics of MkV's on wood.





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Hi, what is the story behind this, and I think I can safely say that some photos of the condition in which you got it and during the renovation process would be greatly appreciated by all here!


By the way, how similar is that trail to the later 17 pdr?



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Are the tyres original or modern replacements? By the tread pattern I'm thinking old.


The tyres are New but made from the old moulds a US Import, there were only 6 of these here in the UK and believe me I was in shock when I was told how much they were...............................frightening !




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Rob, I know that you have a FAC, do you restore all your stuff to live fire?





I restore my Guns to the best of my ability and generally to Blank firing standards, as Im sure you will appreciate finding the seals and packing's for the recouperators is not easy anymore and I don't think the old seals would take the charging pressures that are required to fire a live projectile.

Personally I do not fire my Guns at all ,I have been through that faze many years ago and don't get kicks from it anymore plus I hate the cleaning process that follows.

I just like to look at them every day ! :help:



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Is this the forerunner of the 18/25 Pr , used by the BEF in 1940 ?[/quote


Yes this was the last production model of the 18 pdr ordnance on Mark five carriage, the majority of 18/25 pdr's were converted on mark four carriages although I believe some mark five carriages were converted but in small numbers.

These were on the British wheel conversion on 9.00/16" WD Artillery wheels.

This particular 18 pdr is ex-Irish which differs slightly from the British 18 pdr MkV.




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