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  1. Hi Folks, Does anyone have a rear wheel 1 1/2 inch bore brake cylinder that is surplus to requirements ? Cheers, Andy
  2. Hi Mike, Thought you would turn up at some stage. Andy
  3. Hi Ian, Sorry to hear your news ! Keep as well as you can mate ! Andy
  4. Hi Rick, Looking forward to seeing you out and about in that ! Let it never be said that you have more sense than money ! Cheers, Andy
  5. Hi again, If its the point where it passes through the wishbone there is a specific connecting part . Cheers, Andy
  6. Hi there, We have a DAC under restoration as well, so its always interesting to see anything that helps for the future. Cheers, Andy
  7. Hi There, The body is similar to the other 15 cwt trucks, but dimensions and plank sizes are different. I will see if we still have plans from a rebuild a few years ago. Cheers, Andy
  8. Aaaah there you are at last. Did you find the Tilly thread ?
  9. Hi there, could you pm me, a friend of mine woukd definitely be intersted in the Tilly parts. Many thanks, andy
  10. Florence, Talk to that nice mr Paul Gurr. He might have one ! Cheers, Andy
  11. I assume all are available from Dorking Models !
  12. I find it strangely depressing that this happens. We work hard at shows to maintain high safety levels along the lines that armoured vehicles only have the same number of passengers as seats or "locations" for the crew. They are not toys after all. Andy
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