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£30,000 jeep sold at auction.

Jeff Glasser

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Can anybody help with a copy of the page from 'Classic Military Vehicles' mag from sometime last year (2013) that had a report on a restored jeep that was sold at auction for over £30,000? I believe it was finished in Navy grey but was marked up 'Marines' It was also wearing Hotchkiss wheels.

It was on the page that reports on sales and asking prices of vehicles.(before the 'for sale/wanted pages)


Thanks for any assistance with this.



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Hi Richard, yes the 2013 jeep sold for £18,400. It was the year before for the Navy grey one which I think sold for £33-34k ish, I did take photos of it after the auction but on my old phone.




oh damn ! I was looking at a site on the 2012 auction and thought that a better link, did not spot it was 2013. Yes the figure was between 33 and 34 thousand inc buyers premium.

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Thanks to those who helped with my question, much appreciated.


I have no desire to sell my own jeep but was having a bit of trouble getting my insurers to believe that jeeps have been sold for more than £20,000.


I couldn't believe that someone paid that much for a jeep that appears to have the wrong wheels and a strange paint job!


Thanks again.



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What happens at auctions dos not always make senses or represent the market value of stuff.

Possibly these figures are more a case of two people getting carried a way in the bidding war.

I have seen it a number of times while I work at big auction house in Denmark.

People paying double the amount, that the same item can be bought for in open market.

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