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rippo said:



If you take the top leaf with the bushes in as No. 1 then No. 2, 3 and 4 have snapped :undecided: see pic below






Paint in photo looks similar to yours but it really does look like the dog turd brown that was used later in the war rather than the nice almost green on the bulkhead wil stick to the almost green me thinks

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Just back from Wartime in the Vale, great wkend met friends old and new, 90 mile  odd mile round trip and no problems There were three Aero screen early Bedfords there which was great as in

Took it for a spin down the drive yesterday only to have it spew coolant out of the rad FFS ! Ok quick search last night through the resto threads on here and today replaced the spring inside the top

Happy days 

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Thanks for the spring offer have sent pics of wingnut to the foundry man and theres no probs in him casting them so I,ll make up six patterns and get that in motion I thought we'd get 30 No. cast what'd reckon ?



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Had a few hours spare sat so started sorting rear brakes








Will sort rear springs soon, I need to reduce their number somewhat, have started by loosening the U bolts which took yonks but was made easier by removing the back plate.

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At last the casting patterns for the wing nuts are sorted :D




blank ears










Touch of filler and paint and hey presto !! I had a feeling these little toads would be fiddly and a lot of work and they were. :nut:

Hope they pass quality control  ? if ok will post them off to the foundry :D I have left them long to help in the machining if that's of any help ?


I'm off to have a lie down in a dark room :nut:

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The pesky wing nuts are being cast as I sit here supping some stowford press :nut: I started cleaning rear half of chassis today what a job !






Found this jagged hole in chassis so have posted a question elsewhere on the site, have removed rear springs all ok none broken :-D also removed handbrake gubbins as I need to replace prop shaft seal.

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WANTED :shocked: Have removed the cab mounts today and I need one of these please -




Probably very rare as I think these are early type mounts but I would like to try and keep things original so if anyone has a spare the rivet would be very grateful maybe there's one lurking under the bench or forgotten in a box :cool2:


Have also replaced the bushes in the shock absorber arms and linkages.





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Nuther fun day on the chassis / back axle cleaning and at last its had a coat of anti corrosion chassis paint








I know it should be black but I have lots of half cans left over from previous restorations so I,m using them up as undercoats etc as top coat is a tad expensive.

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Have decided to make a new mount for cab as its not very likely that I'll find another one so as I was at home today because an old power line was replaced by the MEB I got stuck in with the grinder and welder :cool2:.








Also picked up new castleated nuts for them plus new ones for the spring U bolts from my local fastener supplier.

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Yes its Saturday again and I've had a good day on the MW with handbrake gubbins back on the rear axle plus trial fit of "new" cab mount which seems ok plus another coat of paint on the chassis.




refurbished handbrake gear with new seal fitted




trying out the cab mounts new nuts as I had to chisel the sad remains of the old ones off to remove the mounts from the bulkhead.








2nd undercoat green un ready for the top coat after the brake / fuel pipes are refitted.

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Another fun Saturday on the Mw spent most of the day sorting rear springs, cleaning, greasing and undercoating surprising how long it takes just to deal with one set.






Need to adjust clips on account of reduced number of leafs also may need to extend thread on U bolts






Made a start on the refitting the brake lines but ran out of time.

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Its been another busy busy day int shed chassis has had first top coat applied looks a good colour match to a sample John gave me though a tad too shiny, thought I'd stirred the paint enough but obviously not :red:






Near side rear spring test fitted still a bit of work to do on them before final fitting.



Handbrake assembly attached along with rebuilt master cylinder and bracket.




Air pump filter on.



Plus shock absorbers fitted.


Second rear spring cleaned assembled and undercoated ready for top coat then fitting also sarted to fit brake pipes etc but time ran away again :cool2:

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:-D Good question john its hard to say without looking at them in person take some pics in the day light and I might be able to take a guess :cool2: glad you've sorted your gearbox gears and moved her :-D looking at your pics again it looks as though its down to the originals have 70 odd years of life. Again looking at the top boards they look slightly curved pos due to age lower are flat maybe that makes the difference.

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Not too much happening this weekend as the house needs painting while the scaffolds up ! have managed to get all the old tyres of their rims ready for blasting and am now on the look out for new tyres, tubes and flaps as well :shocked:.

did get a few hours this avo in't shed mainly finishing fettling rear springs, doing some spraying of bits and bobs and fitting the new rear wheel cylinders as well as removing the old shoes ready for relining.

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