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Just back from Wartime in the Vale, great wkend met friends old and new, 90 mile  odd mile round trip and no problems There were three Aero screen early Bedfords there which was great as in

Took it for a spin down the drive yesterday only to have it spew coolant out of the rad FFS ! Ok quick search last night through the resto threads on here and today replaced the spring inside the top

Happy days 

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Hi Louis

Will take lots more pics on tues for you, yes I am looking for the tool box send me a PM please, I have not found a contract number yet but will have a good look again I will also look carefully on the bonnet and wings for any ID.




Hi Jeremy,


I will dig it out in a few days and make some photoos for you and send them by pm to you..




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Busy day int shed have removed timber post war cab and can now see where I am going, cab floor is not original nor are the timbers underneath, same with the rear floor,



sites playing up at the mo will try to add more pics later I removed the old voltage regulator and underneath there is a small patch of original green colour paint not chocolate brown as predicted by rippo :D







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Remarkable , on mine there was also a date on the front and rear springs , sept 39 . Early single working shocks didn`t have a date. on a friends OX there is also the date on the leaves , just hope nobody swapped them over the years.

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Well hopefully Ive sorted my finger trouble and can post some more general pics of the truck I have noticed the water pump is leaking so that's another job to add to the list.











headlights came with truck but am unsure if they are correct

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Hi Jeremy,


The headlamp looks like Civi to me and the mounting should be on the bottom and you should have flat glass in it if i am correct...It also looks like an 6 inch version am i correct on that..??




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Had another good day working on the old girl






Gave the end of a front spring a quick clean and found this unfortunately no date.




Looks like its been through a workshop all being + 20 thou




Something odd here looks like the wrong water pump or summat as the belt doesn't look in line.






looking a bit sad now :undecided:


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Great progress Jeremy, they come apart alot quicker than they go together dont they!


I am envious of the space you appear to have in your workshop, I can only do one side at a time.


70 odd years old nuts and bolts do not come undone easily :wow: though this is the easier phase :cheesy: I am lucky with the workshop as around ten years ago I helped a mate restore his Dodge weapons carrier then built a 20' x 30' shed for him in return I have a corner to work in and have been there so long now I am known as the squatter :D

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Nuther busy day int shed as this is the last full day before I go back to work next week :undecided:




cab floors up








removing old repairs :shocked:




Cab is now ready to be removed which with a bit of help from a mate should be done tomo afty :laugh:

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I am following your thread with interest I bought an MWD in a dismantled state and the pics you are posting along with others on this forum are really helping me, keep up the good work and the pics - Charlie

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Cheers Charlie

Bit quiet at the mo have taken all the instruments out of the panel and hope to remove the bulkhead from the chassis tomo eve though I have noticed my cab mount are shot they are the same as pauls and I'll need to source some new ones eventually.






speedo looked shot but should be able to save it though the temp gauge is shot so will need one of those :shocked:

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Its now the turn of the starter motor to be sorted, all it needed was a new return spring.




And the removal of 70 + years of crud :wow:




Have also been busy making the first pair of patterns so we can have new castings made for the aero screen brackets




two more to make then its off to the foundry :-D

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Good day today managed to get the truck out of the shed and pressure wash the engine and gearbox off thanks for the crank handle paul it made life a lot easier.




before !




By removing the sparkplugs and putting it in first gear it was easy to drag the old girl out of t'shed just like ice cold in Alex :beer:




Got the core plugs out and got as much crud out as pos, when I got home the return spring for the starter motor had arrived so that's sorted and can be put on the shelf ready to refit.

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rippo said:


Good question not sure what was attached to that bracket DOH ! Just checked reference pics the bracket held a clip that held the capillary tube for the temp gauge :D

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Have really got stuck into stripping her down so to speak :D




lower clutch cover yuck




Gearbox out




Oil filter gauze clogged with gunge




Sump off OMG !! 3/4" gunge in the bottom I knew it was bad as when I tried to drain oil out I had to clear the drain hole with a peace of wire before the oil would flow !




Rocker cover off so far so good




Got the head off all seems ok, needs a decoke and will check the valves etc thankfully bores are good I have also removed oil pump and dizzy for overhaul and have brought all the parts back home so that I can work on them in the garage.


Can anyone tell me the best place to get a full engine gasket set I thought I had some head gaskets but they are not correct :undecided:

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