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Heavy metal can fly


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they did it with the M3 Lee too :


crikey...:wow:..... even if ( as I guess they'd have had to somehow ) the crew managed to 'brace' themselves ready for the landing ...would a landing such as this not have put a colossal strain on the suspension and other components ?..if immediately not smashing or breaking something?

I can guess this was probably done for publicity of some sorts but surely this wouldn't have been suggested as any manner or method for driving these tanks in 'normal' operations????.........

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Someone I met, somewhere along the line recounted to me a conversation he had with the Leopard 1 factory driver who did one of those jumps for the manufacturer's publicity at the time.


Effectively he said it was the stupidist thing he ever did and that the landing was beyond description. In short, it hurt beyond belief.


I would suggest you imagine having a car accident in the downwards direction and what that does to the internal organs.




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