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The Yorkshire Wartime Experience event 5/7th July 2013

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Think we'll take what ever it throws at us again - although hopefully next year it won't be 6 weeks worth of rain in 36 hours!

We must be mad (well, i know i'm mad, but Stu apparently is quite sane) - but we're going to try again!

These events do not work without (your) support though, otherwise last year would have just been me and Stu sat in the middle of a waterlogged field, and next year sat in the middle of a sun scorched field - so we need you..... All periods, all vehicles just like last year.

It is taking a bit of time to thrash the web site updates in to shape, but we will advise when http://www.ywe-event.info has been updated - the important thing is the dates 5th/6th/7th July 2013 with PM on the Fri almost certainly being for organised school visits again.


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:-)HI Stu / Ken what a fantastic piece of news that you are to host the yorkshire war experience next year last years show will remain the best show i have been to for sometime it will be the best show in the north with out a doubt so come on everybody lets show these boys how we can support them in 2013 lets fill there fields with green stuff cant wait best christmas pressie yet (there news)

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Well we've had a great responce, with 79 military vehicles inc several wartime tanks & armoured vehicles. Plus 20 re-enactment groups. So thanks to everyone who is supporting us. Our website has just been updated, so please take a look and get booked in. We welcome all military,vehicles of any age at our show, with Free camping !!. http://www.ywe-event.info




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Sorry I cant see into the future !! Judging by the amount of vehicle & re-enactment booking forms where receiving thinks are looking good. Last year we had the Olympic torch race on the same weekend !! That didn't affect us much. So who knows.


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"Is this event likely to be affected by the Tour de France event on the same weekend?!

I think they'll keep out of the way.

Bicycles and tanks don't seem a healthy mix.

I an all seriousness, i think it will (if anything help) - what are all those people going to want to do after the bikes have whizzed past?

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