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  1. Had one in the Jeep for last 7 years no regrets buying one, holds its charge great, no need for tickle charging, and turns her over really fast. Dave
  2. Keep it 6volt mine works fine no need to change it.
  3. Hi Folks I'm looking for a 6volt starter motor for a Jeep any recommendations of where to buy from. Cheers
  4. First check if it's engine oil or gear box oil you can smell the difference, but suspect you may be right.
  5. If your taking weapons for Display purposes only then all "old spec" deactivated weapons are ok, the new EU rules do not stop you owning or displaying them. Selling/Exchanging etc is where the problems may start.
  6. I occasionally get a violent shudder through the body at those speeds but feel nothing through the steering it only lasts a few seconds then stops. I have never been able to find the problem either.
  7. Hi I have managed to put the clutch back together on my DKW RT98 but I'm not sure how much oil is needed does anyone have any idea. Thanks Dave
  8. Thanks for that Lex it is very kind of you. I think my lock plate was made out of the same tin can as Niek's Regards Dave
  9. Thanks Niek Yes I have tried them but no joy looks like I will have to fabricate one. Dave
  10. Can I ask where you got your new clutch plates from I'm trying to find a replacement Clutch part but having no luck. Cheers Dave
  11. ganger04

    Dkw rt98

    Thanks I have sent them an email. Dave
  12. ganger04

    Dkw rt98

    Anyone have any idea where I can get this clutch part from for the DKW RT98 not sure whats its called Many Thanks Dave
  13. ganger04

    Dkw rt98

    Thanks for that they are going to Villiers.
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