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  1. Another great show, many thanks to all concerned. It was grand to see the T34/85 again so soon - it and its dedicated crew had been at Tankfest only a few days previously. John.
  2. Yes, another great day at the Yorkshire Wartime Experience - many thanks to all concerned. John.
  3. I think they are CC60L, not CMP C60L. My impression is that they were both supplied with cabs, which have been cut off. The near lorry has retained its windscreen, but the far one has not. I have just noticed a detail - the near one has its L census number stencilled on the wood below the door aperture. John.
  4. These wrecks are British Army lorries (perhaps operated by British colonial troops) used in Ethiopia in circa 1941. I think they are Canadian-built Chevrolet CC60L. Are the timber cabs a common conversion in East Africa please? If not, it is odd that there are two identical next to each other. John.
  5. Well remembered, John! I searched for 'railway' and found the post. It does indeed look like a signpost directing traffic to 40 ASP. John.
  6. The last photograph I posted is the bomb - it is about 4 times bigger than the bomb/shell in front of the ute. Yes, I dare say it took some machining... John.
  7. It does have the look of a shell about it. This is the bomb:
  8. Many thanks, Wally, Richard and John. Re the ute, the similarity of design between the various manufacturers does complicate things... Re the bomb in front of the ute, there is an even bigger one to the right (which I have cropped off). Unexploded bombs seem to have been favoured for decorating the car park at Alamein station. John.
  9. The Ford ute does indeed look very like the Alamein vehicle. How likely was it that an Australian vehicle was in the Western Desert - how much MT, if any, did the Australians bring with them when they arrived in theatre? John.
  10. Many thanks, John. I have found another 40 ASP lorry in the far background of a photograph. No mystery about the lorry itself - a Bedford - but what is the semi-trailer intended to carry? John.
  11. Another photograph of an 40 ASP vehicle - it is at Alamein station. I presume it is Canadian built, but cannot ID the manufacturer. John.
  12. Yes, it says Ambulance - but my guess is that it is a 6x4 Ford WOT1. John.
  13. I don't know the unit here - all that is written on the back is Aboukir, Egypt. Nice collection of vehicles though. John.
  14. Many thanks for the clarification re the role of an ASP. John.
  15. This is the man possibly wearing cook's whites. (Looks convincing to me...) John.
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