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A photo.


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Following recent defence cuts, Tpr Smith trials new tank overalls.


Whilst enabling free movement within the vehicle during loading & firing they were found to be sub standard during track bashing.


Never the less, a procurement order has been placed & all tank regiments should receive there new kit within a month.



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Actually it is a photo of Captain James Smith, Tank Commander, showing off the germent he wear at weekends as an active cross dresser. look carefully and you can see the nylon wig and stubble. Goes by name of Jemima I believe.:nut::shocked::kiss:

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Spot the CMP :wow:




Happy Xmas everybody :cool2:


If I could have TWO Christmas stockings, thats what I think that I would like to have in them........ but I know that there really is no Santa Claus, what a shame. Dream on.

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Somebody would start chuntering 'You can't have that on a vehicle it is a danger to other road users!:D Years ago I had a very pretty girl with me in an open Austin Gipsy, she was wearing a very pale lemon yellow swimsuit. A hire car, Cortina (So that will give you an idea of age), came around the bend towards me with four male ocupants. Four heads swiviled in time to look at girl, and that is why the driver never noticed the granite wall. Though if we were gentelmen, we'd offer the poor girl a coat....eventually.

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