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  1. Yea I just kinda mentioned it to someone that was visiting the shop and he had one BINGO !!! I will tell you the story at the Creek in October.
  2. I didnt think it would be so hard to find but I did locate one finally - 1919 MG mount for my ferret. The barrel and shroud are easy to find here in the US. The ferret came with the GPMG mount and those parts are high dollar here.
  3. Havent found one yet but its only a matter of time.
  4. Received mine today here in the states - no complaints on this end.
  5. Anyone know where I might find a replacement for this part FV55757 ? - The through hull exhaust flange on the ferret.
  6. The marker light on the rear steel behind the radiator - How does the light come apart, are the flats on the body of the light for a wrench?
  7. SDT 16, That was a good day in the LVT. The spilling of beer is not an option. Tokarev
  8. Thanks for the info - now I have a better idea how to approach things Walter
  9. I guess I am lucky in the sense that the wiring conduit and connections seem alright. So the wires have to be disconnected at their end point and pulled back through the conduit?
  10. So from what you said all the connections are hard wired? Theres no mechanical/plug connections of the US M Series type.
  11. I am finally starting the removal of the fenders and boxes on my ferret - The question is how does one disconnect the wiring from the junction box on the body for the turn signals, headlight and smoke discharger? Thanks
  12. I have to agree with earlymb - I watched all six and found them OK. Like stated its TV so it has to have some drama. I saw stuff I havent seen before in places I've never been so in that respect its cool.
  13. Looking for the proper cover for this trailer - one current cover is obviously short.
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