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buying a 101 as a home



i am stupid :cry:


as i will be urm home less soon i am thinking once the house has been sold and i have my share i'll buy a 101 and live in it now


would that practical i.e


sleeping one, cooking and a hot water supply. as it would be a "camper" i could pitch at camp sites with a hook up :dunno:


has any one one this????


any ideas :whistle:



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When I go out its 30 miles away so I sleep in the back of my Renault Express, also at Beltring.


You want heating at night or a good sleeping bag in the winter!

Condensation will happen when its cold...


Basically you can do it although you better cook outside for safety resons.

A generator would be handy, you could plug in a watercooker, lamp and such.

Be sure the generator has enough watts for appliances!!



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I helped strip one that was going to be converted into a second house. Ambulance body is the best starting point. Ready insulated body, fitted lights, fuel fired heater. Poor points are lack of standing room and the space is a premium. Removing the bulkhead btween the body and cab frees alot of room but will affect the insulation in winter. I dont have any pictures of the finished conversion.

Another to consider would be a 127 ambulance.



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Richard - saw this and thought of you!!!


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I use my 101 for sleeping accomodation at shows and find it excellent for that. As for living in one, well I would guess it is down to what you expect.


As Jon has already stated headroom is a little restrictive but stripped of the ambi interior there is loads of room even with the bulkhead in place.


Try the 101 club website http://www.101club.org/ as they have a small ad section


2 on there at the moment


1/ EXP: 01/04/07 101 Forward control RHD Ambulance 12 VOLT


1976, tax exempt as it is registered, as an Ambulance with all fittings in the rear.

MOT until October 2007

Tax ? Free

Body work very straight it was the straightest one that I could find when I spent a whole day looking for one in a dealers yard five years ago!!

All paint removed back to aluminium ready for a re-spray ? a real blank canvas!.

Full service (All oils and oil filter)

Two new batteries (Main and auxiliary)

Front door and ignition all work of the same key, separate key for rear doors (Supplied)

Michelin XL Tyres

New Speedo cable

New Driver side door bottom

Both door tops re-built and re-sprayed so the sliding glass slides!

New Oil cooler pipes

Both clutch master and slave cylinder replaced

Drives very well, Only reason for sale is I am thinning my collection ? see my other adverts


Price 4500 (Negotiable)

Phone Steve on 07960 464383 location Oxfordshire


Contact Details:


Telephone: 07960 464383

Email: stevegully@hotmail.com


2/ EXP: 14/02/07 6x6 101 Camper


Fully expedition-prepared 6wd 101 for sale. Ready to travel the world tomorrow. A totally unique vehicle.


Full details plus contact at http://www.lobsternet.org/101/


Don't miss it!


Contact Details:


Telephone: 07970 062008

Email: davidrfrench@googlemail.com


Second one is interesting as it is stretched


They both have pictures on the site so you can get to see what you are looking at


I dont envy you mate but as they say needs must

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thats it in 2-3 months the money from the house will be in my bank :-D so then i'll buy a 101 ambi body and spend a few pennies converting the inside


bed, hot water supply, cooker and fridge and stowage bins


and then the life off the open road


now wheres the HMVF members home addresses :whistle: i feel a road trip coming on :rofl:

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Richard, have you considered a Carawagon? After all they were custom built for camping. I used to have one it was great fun. But in those days it was the only one that had been released & I used to get distainful comments when people looked in the back & say "Oh its not very interesting, he's made it into a camper" Despite it being 100% original, but people know what they are now.

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How about just getting a normal caravan to live in on a site and then you can have your choice of MV's - can always put a civvy tow hitch on the MV.


( Like I have on my 101 GS which will be for sale in a couple of months) :whistle:

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I was once told ,

that these type of vehicles were painted in such a bright colour scheme to prevent being mistaken as military/para military in some of the more hostile areas of the world (could be Brighton :-D )



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