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East Anglia Tank Museum


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Hi deos anybody know what happened to the East Anglia(east england) tank museum as they were relocating a couple of years ago but cannot find out if they have reopened yet and if so where.I had a play on the internet and found pictures of there old site abandoned,but nothing upto date we are visiting that area next week so was hoping to pop along and have a look.


Thanks simon:-(

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There was a plan 2 years ago to redevelop the airfield site adjoining the race track at Snetterton - a hotel, conference centre, covered market, model museum and a military museum (which was presumably the tank museum guys). This development seems to have gone to ground - can't find out anything about its status.

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Folks , First of all "The East England Tank museum" is a private ltd company and nothing at all to do with the East England Military museum ( Battlefront) which is our charity . Yes we did move from Barnham near Thetford to the Sunday Market at Snetterton . We were there for 3 years, but after broken promises, plans, support and goal posts moving things were going no where so we took the plunge and relocated again .


Now nearly a year later the museum is based on Old Buckenham airfield the home of the 453 bomb group of the 8th US AAF (this was James Stuart base ) . The airfield is still active with vintage aircraft based there (WW2cub , stearmans to name a couple). The museum has the full support of the airfield management and are putting on a combined effort to create a (mini Duxford/Goodwood for Norfolk) . With the ever growing collection and the financial backing from many sources it is the forward plan of both the Airfield and the museum to erect WW2 style buildings to house both the museum collection and airfield office, air traffic control and cafe etc.


The museum now , once again has a growing group of volunteers , many ex REME and vehicle owners , who give up their time at weekends to get the vehicles and equipment back up and running after 3 years in storage. So finally things are heading in the right direction again.


I'm sure you will have noticed we will be holding our show this year "military revival" ( http://www.militaryrevival.com) in October . There is to be an exciting press release in the near future with regards to the show that I'm sure many of you will be pleased to here. This will be a event well worth the effort of attending.


I will try and keep you all up dated on here as to the progress .


For accurate information on any thing to do with any of the above drop me a line and don't listen to 3rd party gossip . We are always happy to chat.


well that should put you all in the picture



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sounds like a great show i'll be there with one or two vehicles :cool2: i went last year to the old buck airshow with the carrier and had a brilliant weekend looks like they've raised the bar again this year.


looking forward to it



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