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  1. I knew Pete Gray back in the early 1970s his shop was in the same road as i lived in allso knew his son who joined the parras and was wounded in the Falklands in 82 ( hope he is doing OK these days ) moved away in 76 so lost all contact after several deployments ended up in Devon and from there Spain, welcome back to the DBGs.
  2. orrigins of why does every body call me big head?
  3. ITS Jerremy Tenniswood, 36 st Botolphs street, Colchester, Essex. CO2 7EA. PHONE 01206 368787 sometimes closed on a Wednesday.:-D
  4. I do agree with you Adrian, but the point is neither should you be ripped of on a piece of S###e like that because wonga is a bit tight, this is not a cheap hobby as you are very well aware and every one trys there best with whot thay can devote to there hobby at the very least a certain standard of competent workmanship should be evident, were as in this case there is none evident whot so ever, just the but alone looks as if it was made by Conan the whitler with a pen knife.
  5. I think there could well be a case to answer under the trade discriptions act, the standard of workman ship is unbelivable P### Pore, more like a kids toy and breaches the trade discriptions act.
  6. 1960s issue No 2 uniform for a writer, HMS Pembroke ie Chatam shore base Kent, seems to be missing the gunners black silk, folded to 2in. hope that helps.:-D
  7. military vehicles of any period wanted for our event at the FLAG INN, flag hill, St Osyth, clacton. 26th JULY ( Saturday ) perfect for those in the Colchester, Clacton area, Bedford, tillys, Norton, Steam engine military books, items for sale, essex aviation society all ready booked in, live music, sea food, comps, Please support us. contact Graham Prewer on 01255 434083 to book or for further information. Thanks in advance Lads and lassies. have a good day.
  8. It depends wether thay are fireing live rounds at you or just blanks.:-D
  9. May i on behalf of all of us that were unable to be there, thank each and every one of you that were able to go, for the wonderfull effort that you all made, it is an honour to be part of this forum and the wonderfull members of this forum. Each and every one of you have my deepest respect that you were there for these gallant men and women, i salute you as i do them, respect and thank you all. Graham.
  10. Sorry i do not have any pictures but on Sunday i went to a museum and chating to a very senior member a guy came in with a kitbag stuffed full of 58 pattern webbing the result was that i was given a compleat set except for a water bottle chuffed to bits. ( donated £20 to the museum ) you know who you are, once again thanks, Graham.
  11. New event at the Flag Inn, St Osyth, Clacton 26th july WW2 memories, live 1940s music, displays, wanted re enactors and all types of MV large sale or hard back books ww2, win a bottle of Scotch (highest darts score) please support us, food allday and drink, sea food stall from 12 till late. to book a stall or vehicle contact Graham Prewer on 01255 434083 or just Email osborne.kaz@googlemail.com. thanking all in advance. G.
  12. Never have said but i am Graham and my better half ( her words ) is Karen. secret revealed best wishes.
  13. Your safe, will do the dance, none of the rest, will spend the whole day around or in our pool with friends and copious amounts of wine, scotch, brandy, vodka, sangria etc etc wishing my landy was not laying in about 3000 bits awaiting a total rebuild ready for next year and saying its a bit to warm for the workshop today better just lay and build up my strength, dam glasses are getting heavy must go back to a 1ltr glass.:-D
  14. Sorry not to be there Rosie, my wife just said, WOW now theres a girl takes after my own heart we must be sisters. OK now you all have a wonderfull time, will keep everything crossed that you have fine weather and a great show.:-D
  15. Correct, bought my one at bootsale clacton Sunday studs and wooly cuffs, a one condition cost £5.00.:-D and badged.
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