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  1. I have 2 Samoans at the moment - one all up and running the other waiting restoration or a sensible offer . Both British . 00GM03 and 00GM77
  2. Looking forward to the road test Rick ! First mag we fitted had a fault straight away , second mag is now on, booster coil fitted in the "A" mag and the engine is back on the button and as you say we just have to road test it.
  3. The man and the tank after another long week ....... It's very nearly 100%
  4. i am not going anywhere near his pockets Andy !
  5. I took an old desert rat to see the 7th armoured memorial at Munford ,Norfolk. Some of you guys might know him. It was all I could do to stop him climbing up and getting it started !
  6. If you need any measurements or photos parts and patterns just drop me a line .
  7. That's coming along really nicely , I nearly painted ours in that pattern but opted for Sicily invasion colours.
  8. I have just posted some videos of the Cromwell stretching it's legs in open countryside , have a look at the Military Revival thread.
  9. There is now another chance to see Ricks Award winning Cromwell - he will be displaying it at the Military Revival at Old Buckenham Airfield Norfolk on the 5/6 th Oct. Thanks mate !!
  10. found a little bit of video when we were doing the photo shoot
  11. I think they were the fast escape cover alls , mind you Andy had a black eye later in the week so not really sure what was going on in the back of the RV ! Now focus on the Cromwell will you Ben .
  12. I think Rick was dropping a hint I need to buy it ....... Turning up with my name on the truck ! Anyway here are a couple more images of tank and owner .
  13. Great photos and videos Pete, glad you got back ok ! Rick a very well deserved double mate !
  14. Rick , do you want me to sling my box of stencils in ?
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