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  1. I have some photos of a Churchill and I think a comet stacked up on top of each other holding up a target plate .... they were about 65% buried , had not been shot at for years and were off the beaten track . Taken about 1998 while on exercise on a recovery job .
  2. Sounds like you have water in the fuel . I have had the same issue with CVRT.
  3. As much as I agree with you matchless .... Has the issue now moved on a bit , I'm referring to how the Imps club appears to have crapped on one of its officers from a great hight . Instructing him to do one thing and then blaming him for setting up a show as instructed, As well as trying to ruin the guys crediblity with misleading emails and statements not backed up with facts etc.
  4. If all the above can be verified It is very different to the press releases and "rounders" going around . I know many of the imps members and some of the board as well I believe and I am shocked at this turn of events . If true not a good way to conduct business . I'm glad I'm not an imps member at the moment . I bet it all comes down to greed and money in the end, it's harming our hobby .
  5. I have 2 Samoans at the moment - one all up and running the other waiting restoration or a sensible offer . Both British . 00GM03 and 00GM77
  6. 1 pair of the T16 suspension units (the rear I think) only has one set of springs (no inner ones). Some late Mk1 and Canadian MK 2 have the same solid top return roller with not rubber. the main assemblies are the same , pin size etc. One of the main problems with owning a T16 is it's just about 5 tons comparierd with 4 tons for a Mk1 or 2 . You can just get away with a mk1 or 2 on some 7.5 ton beaver tail trucks for transport, and then there is the limited use during the war.
  7. See you there Maurice , I'm only taking the Jeep so I will be about all over the place .
  8. The East England Military museum is still open and now based at Old Buckenham Airfield. We have a temporary display open to the public while our building plans are awaiting the rubber stamp. Yes we have several items on loan from the RA museum . I carry out much of the work for the RA museum , yes there are roumers about it moving and there has been reports in the press - twitter etc . But I am sure things are all up in the air , and roumers and speculation never help .
  9. Hmmmm we have a soil mound at the end of the main runway ..... We have a Cromwell on site !!!
  10. In my opinion ......... To repair a vehicle and replace missing parts or panels is one thing but to completely remake some thing using the odd part is then a copy/replica. As I say to many people to restore a vehicle you at least need to have an original Chassis or hull , you can't rebuild a carrier from just a back axle and some track. With regards to the Belgium Scimitar with the scorpion turret and blending parts - it will always be a Belgium Scimitar (but fitted with a scorpion turret ) no matter how it is painted. one day some one may well rebuild it back to a scimitar so it 100% correct. Its the the same as if some one changes and paints a Hotchkiss Jeep to look like a WW2 jeep .... It's still a Hotchkiss. The danger is then some one may try and sell it as a WW2 jeep. Make your vehicle into what ever you like , but when it comes to part or tell people about it at shows .... Be honest and say what it is. it is good to see replicas , I enjoy seeing the WW1 aircraft replicas flying at Shuttleworth etc.... But they are always described as such.
  11. Ah they have fun , I always see them out and about . I'm based at Old Buckenham Airfield just outside Attleborough. If you are in the area drop in for a brew and have a look at some of the kit. I will PM you my mobile number.
  12. Welcome to the forum ! I'm also in Norfolk.... Have you joined the Norfolk Military Vehicle Group yet ?
  13. Welcome , My grandfather was also in action in Salerno , he was in the same unit as Richies grandfather . 2nd Btn Royal Scott's Fusiliers . Ritchie's grandfather was a carrier driver in the carrier platoon mine was the REME LAD fitter that was permanatly attached to the carrier platoon and went into action with the guys as well . Looking forward to to reading your posts on here ?
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