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3HW Horn


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Horn should be a standard ww2 issue Lucas Altette (HF 1234 I think). The bezel should be fixed to the body with slotted cheesehead screws (not acorn nuts). If you're as mental as me and you look at such things, the build date is stamped on the little triangular fibre plate that slips over the terminal posts.


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Stef is correct, except that's it's an HF 1235. Here is some additional info on WD hooters. Ron




PS. Working 6V Altettes are never easy to find. Especially a genuine WD version. Have a look at 'Taff the horn' (Lynn Isaacs) Interesting site.http://taffthehorns.com/ He sometimes has them. He also sells on Ebay. but they are usually in excess of £100.

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Seemingly, horns were standardised by the late-war period, similar to handlebar controls, thus whether made by Lucas, Klaxon or Clear Hooters, etc, most conformed to the Lucas pattern and as such usually bore no manufacturer mark......


Whilst fitting the correct pattern horn to my bikes, I never bother if they're working or not.......£100-odd quid is a lot of dosh for something that is large, heavy and arguably inaudible over the noise of the exhaust ! I tend to fit a small, cheap (and loud) 6-volt modern horn under the fuel tank (usually hidden between the fuel tank bridge and attached to the upper frame tube) for noise, but put the original in the correct location with dummy wires.........


Works for me.....:-D

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