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  1. Ok thanks for the advice Ron Andy 👍😊
  2. And many thanks again Ron, I did spend a bit of time after I took the photos cleaning out the muck and realised that the holes were threaded. Fortunately for me I was given a load of surplus nuts and bolts some years ago and amongst them was an assortment of grease nipples but thanks for the contact anyway. There’s bound to be some stuff I need. all the best Andy
  3. Thanks Ron, looks like I will have to think again with the cables! Are those wartime levers easy to come by or is there a good modern equivalent? Although I would rather go for wartime ones if possible. Andy
  4. Many thanks for all your advice Ron. To a novice like me it’s very much appreciated. Will definitely be sending the shoes off to Villiers. Do you rely on the sizes that they supply or do you measure up as suggested on their site for “exact sizing” Thanks again Andy
  5. Hi Everyone, Me Again!! On my 3HW I’ve noticed a number of holes around the top end of the front forks. They appear to be full of muck and gunk and I’m assuming that the holes should have grease nipples in them. Can anyone confirm this? Many Thanks in Advance Andy
  6. Hello Everyone, In the process of renewing the front brake mechanism on my 3HW I’ve discovered that the brake shoes are worn out and the hub is badly pitted. Having absolutely no experience with refurbing brake shoes can anyone advise if these can be bought or sent away for refurbishment, or even if it’s possible to get a kit to do it myself. Also any advice on weather the hub is salvageable, based on the photos Many Thanks in advance for any advice. Andy
  7. Hi Ron, thanks again for the info and pictures. I’ve come to the conclusion that The reason I’ve had difficulty in fitting the cable and rod mechanism is due to two things. Firstly, the front brakes are worn out resulting in too much travel being needed in the mechanism. Secondly, I believe that the brake lever is of the wrong type resulting in too much cable being taken up. I would be grateful if you could comment on the accompanying photos to help confirm my suspicions. Many Thanks Andy
  8. Thanks Ron, is the adjuster thumbscrew flat on the bottom, as the one I have has a vee shaped wedge sticking out of it which seems odd. (Will post some photos tomorrow) Also does the outer sleeve (with the spring in) fit inside the lug on the headlamp bracket? Andy
  9. Hi Ron, many thanks for responding. You very kindly advised me to contact Brian Tillin some years ago, which I did do, and purchased his stainless steel conversion kit. I’m extremely embarrassed to say I haven’t done much with the bike for a good few years. (My excuse is that I’ve been somewhat busy with a certain TT18 Canberra cockpit!) Anyway, it’s this kit that I’m now having trouble with. Do you have close up photos of the area where the cable connects to the rod linkage. I’ve put it together how I thought it should be but it doesn’t seem right somehow!
  10. Hi All, im in the process of restoring a Triumph 3HW and am having trouble with the front brake linkage. Does anyone have detailed photos or drawings of this area? I should mention that when I got the bike the front brake linkage was one cable from the handle bar lever to the brake lever but I’m converting it back to the original part cable, part rod linkage. Hence the general question, many thanks in advance for any help.
  11. Hi Everyone, i hope this isn't too daft a question! i've come into posession of a complete gear train minus the casings. I have a spare set of casings that I want to build up as a standby but am wondering if these "new" gears will fit in. They have different ratios to the original knackered set so will the shafts be on different centres or did they just change the gear PCD so the same casings could be used?? anyone have any idea? Andy
  12. Welcome Andy, from another Andy with a3HW! Also currently without a motorbike licence. Will worry about that once the bike is finished! Seriously this site has been an immense help!
  13. Done, hope it results in some action to bring Eric home!
  14. agmerlin


    A couple of photos of WH887
  15. agmerlin


    Well, Sywell Aviation Museum is delighted to be the new home for canberra TT18 WH887, "Cindy" many thanks to Matt Buddle for delivering her safely. Matt has done an outstanding job on her restoration and we hope to continue the good work and look after her in the way Matt has done. Pictures to follow.
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