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WW2 20cwt Water trailer/bowser restoration

Ian L

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Hi Ian,

Have I sent you these photos before?





Hi John yes I've got them, Les Freathy sent them to me along with a few other origionals so I was able to 'blow them up' and get better details.

cheers Ian

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Great job, what shade of green paint are you using, looks really good?



Hi Russell its Firwood 703 Fast dry matt BS298 2231 Olive Drab

I mix it with 10% thinners & use a 1.8 nozzle.


Its slightly lighter than War Paint olive drab but has more of a sheen.

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Found these original photos from my collection. Korea 1951. Think they could be water trailers, you can see the front of a 1944 Morris C8 GS truck as well..



Hi keith thanks for sharing the photos, what's interesting is that the Bowser I got from Slade farm (ex RAF Slade farm) has that bar across the 'A' frame which I thought the farmer had added but it must be a post war REME mod ?

Also the rear shots show the frame & filters missing so they must of ended up using them just as water bowsers post war and not as filtration units ?

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Found a couple of war dept galvanised buckets over the last couple of years which I thought would look good hanging on the rear taps.

Both were in a very poor state with concrete in the bottom and many dents/damage but after an hours work they looked ok.

One dated 1941 /I\ G*R & the other 1944 /I\ Belray.






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