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Hi everyone ,I am john and I live on the east London essex borders ,I have already posted a question in the british vehicle page,as for my own interest in military stuff ,I just like old machinery anything will do as long as I can play with it.most of the trucks that I find have been sitting around for a few years, or are abandond. And I get fun from getting them going playing with them for a bit then trying something else.

here is a quick list of some of the things military that I have had

1938 borgward german staff car

bedford j type royal navy ambulance

gaz 69a 4 door staff jeep

ford f350 usaf truck

a couple of ex home office series ones

and the 2 that I have just found within the last few weeks are an ex afs bedford rl and a radio bodied unimog

hope this might be of interest to someone,cheers john

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Well now - isn't it a small world!! :cheesy: :cheesy:


I take it, then, she's not up for grabs despite the coating of algae all over??



Neil, yes I think it 'could' be - you know everyman has his price :whistle: also there is a mobile 'engineers' workshop that is towed behind and when I looked at it last year it was fully kitted out with all working compressors etc etc.

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Hi,ian ,yes the Bedford will be the first to move ,its a runner just gave £800 for it ,got to sort out the mot then I can bring it home(dont think its mot exempt as the number plate dates it to 1966.)the mog is a different story when the rl is legal I will use that to shift it,but then I would like to take the body off so I can have a proper look at it,any suggestions would be welcomed,


[attachment deleted by admin]

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Good to see your everyday ride. I also have a crewcab F350 with an S250 shelter in the rear which I use as a mobile workshop/ camper/support wagon/towtruck. Has yours still got the V8? I put a Cummins 5.9 and Allison auto 'box in mine and it does 25mpg, however max. speed is 60mph. It's a superb vehicle and turns heads wherever I go!


I'll post some pictures when I'm back in the UK next week.


Regards - Mike

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