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introducing Chalkie


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hiya folks, I'm NiteMare (Pete) :wave:


i only really joined the forum to find someone (now found and communicated with) but being as i'm registered i think it's only polite to say hi, i do have a military motor although it's not yet on the road as i've had other projects to complete first but i'm nearly ready to start on this one...


ok ok i know, "what's Chalkie" ? be patient :kiss:


a little history, i bought an old landrover bitsa about 3 years ago (never owned one before), patched it up and modified it then used it as my daily driver/hooligan tool and found it so enjoyable that i scrapped my eurobox


as i bought it



there was an awful lot more work needed than i first suspected :shocked:


i then collected this



a 1965 109 which i've had down to a bare chassis and rebuilt using a 200tdi engine, this is now my sunday best/luxury limosine :-D


ok here's the bit you've been waiting for.

about six months after i got my bitsa on the road one of my brothers says, "i know where there's an old landrover sat in a field" so we jumps in my bitsa and goes and take a look, there was horses in the field, i don't trust horses and owners get p#ssed when they catch you in thier nags field so luckily i had my bin's with me to look at it through and took a quick peek, it appeared to be just another rough Series3 88" truckcab at that range so i took no more notice apart from thinking that it might be useful for spares ...


so near as dammit a year goes by and i'm bored and just trundling around local lanes whereupon i decide to take another peek, no horses in the field so i decided to take a closer look, on approaching it i realised it had got a fuel filler on the wrong side of the tub (odd thinks i) i get a little closer and notice odd tail light guards, closer still and i suddenly realise it's a 2a now my interest takes an upturn (i'm watching for the landowner as i hate arguments and i'm trespassing, nowhere to hide though), anyway i'm now up close and starting to get very interested, this poor old thing is looking decidedly scruffy and unloved, no doortops and been sat in the same spot for at least a year, paint flaking, panels dented and grass growing up around it...


i then stuck my head in the passenger side and the immediate things that struck me was all the extra bits attached to the bulkhead framework, extra switches (some of them very odd to me) a couple of extra guages, a map light and olive drab over dbg, i now suspected this one was ex military so i opens the bonnet and there i found a 2.25 petrol with oil cooler pipes, an 8 blade fan and twin belts, i then looked through the grill and saw the oil cooler..


i then walked round and looked in the drivers door and saw the changeover switch for the tanks and realised there was another fuel tank filler in the offside of the tub, time for a quick look round the outside where i realised it's got a very odd rear crossmember and then get out of the field (remember i'm trespassing)


anyway i'm now back to my bitsa and sitting there wondering what to do, there's a house next to the field but the gates are chained and locked and there's a tiny village half a mile down the road, i goes to the village where i sat at the side of the road scribbling a note out to drop through a letterbox if i can locate the field owner, one house owner comes out so i ask the relevant questions but she hasn't got any answers so i go back to completeing my note and luckily not rushing, as another house owner came out, a quick query and he tells me exactly what i needed to know, the field owner lives behind the locked gates, a quick thankyou and i'm off up the road..


it looks like my luck was in that day, as i arrived at the gates the owner was locking them back up after putting his dustbin out, a quick call out and he came back, we chatted amiably about the landrover, it transpired he bought it for his son when he was 10 to learn to drive in and the lad was now thinking of getting rid of it, he then accepted my scribbled note and said he'd pass it to his lad, i thanked him and left...


two days later and my phone rings, it's the lad :banana: five minutes later and a deal is struck over the phone and i'm to collect it that saturday :yay::yay::dancinggirls:


i've now owned it for nearly two years, i still haven't done anything to it except researching a little of it's history due to building my 109 but i am just starting the registration process, it turns out i've found quite an oddity, it's a Skippy, a New Zealand ex military 88" on a "combat" chassis (extended dumbirons and mil shackles), to the best of my knowledge there "may" be 10 of these in the country as were imported by Leavesley International (found an advert for 7 from them) and until very recently (only a week ago) i'd not found another known survivor in this country (although i've been hunting for this one for nearly two years)


anyway just got to get it registered now and i can then finally start work on him (by the way his name is Chalkie, i'll let you guess how he got that name :-D )


finally a picture as i found him



i hope i didn't bore you too much



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Hi again Pete,


dont know if you have seen this website at all ? http://www.remlr.com/ a very interesting site, might be worthwhile contacting them for information etc?




Thanks for the link Mark, already trawled through there along with the AULRO, registered on AULRO/REMLR under the same alias for information quite some time ago along with trawling through anything else i could find for information :laugh:


i found a picture and a couple of posts from another UK Skippy owner on Yahoo eventually (along with a picture of his motor) and spent a little time every now and then trying to track him down, he suddenly popped up about a fortnight ago on the Series2 Forum (i'm a club member) when i'd all but given up on finding him :rotfl:


neither of us have been able to find any definite records of our vehicles as landrover lost or stopped keeping records of our chassis numbers sometime in the mid sixties and the Kiwis got rid of all thier pre computerisation records without transcribing them (i can't find a proper Kiwi forum that you don't have to pay to join), we both believe our Skippys were imported by Leavesley International from Singapore and being as his was registered (i have no reg' or docs for mine yet) very early in 1990 i'm assuming they were imported in 1989 (July onwards :??? ) but Leavesley Int' aren't forthcoming with any info', apparently back then all thier records were on paper and where it was stored got weather soaked and they lost most of the records (could have been fobbing me off though :??? )


at present all i'm interested in doing with mine is getting it registered and road legal again (more practice with my welder :nut: ) eventually though i'd like to get it back to it's original appearance but that will be a long, slow and painful job


Thanks all for the warm welcome :)

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