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Radio controlled MATADOR


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In my original introduction i was going to build a Scammell Explorer but due to technical difficulties i have abandoned that idea until i can get my head around how to make the walking beam axle work:red:

So my apologies to those expecting a Scammell and took the time to help with pictures


So i have decided to build the AEC Matador in 14th scale

Progress so far

I have obtained the following Chassis material,axles,wheels,transfer box and the excellent book by Steve Richards for reference

I should by the end of this weekend be able to post a few pictures of the chassis in progress


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Its amazing what they have for radio contol kits now a days . I take it the chassie is hand made while the axles are bought and the transfercase ? no idea ! Is the drive shaft a cut to length item with supplied UJ's ?


What about the spring hangers and their hardware or the springs themselves how much of that is hand made and whats bought ?

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Cheers chaps

Abn deuce

You are correct,the chassis is hand made the axles come from a Tamiya TLT 4x4 truck.

The springs are Tamiya wagon springs whilst the spring hangers and swinging shacles are hand made.

The propshafts again come from the Tamiya TLT but are cut and lengthend to suit

The transfer box is a rc4wd item made in the USA



My inital thoughts are to build it with the original body and canvas top but could do with seeing the interior of one


Well managed to get in the shed and do a little bit this weekend,chassis now sat on all four wheels and a start made on the cab

P1010007 (Small).JPG

P1010005 (Small).JPG

P1010006 (Small).JPG

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Thought i had better update this thread.

Turns out the Matador Defiance lives only 5 miles away from me i managed to get a load of pictures to help with the build,alas it turned out that the cab was overscale and the wrong shape so was scrapped :mad:

Well here are a few pictures of the build as it is now



























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Bit of a funny weekend discoverd that i had not left enough room under the cab for the gearbox and motor the plan was to have the motor partially into the cab where the real engine sits but i would have had to cut part of the floor away as well which would have been visible.

So after a bit of head scratching i have managed to get the gearbox and motor low enough for the cab to fit and also clear the axle.

One of the things i wanted was for the steering servo to be in roughly the same position as the steering drop arm on the real thing,by turning the gearbox round i have managed to achieve this as you will see in the pictures.

Also added a few minor details but as it is white plastic i dont seem to be able to get a decent picture




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Thank you chaps


This week i seem to have spent a lot of time messing about with fiddly little bits.

Parts added include handbrake and winch control levers,wiper motors,vacuum brake unit,door handles,engine cover and securing strap,air filter and passenger seat base and a semi finished fuel tank.









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