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  1. Thanks for the reply! I will check that group out!
  2. Hi all, I am after a few snatch bits. A drivers door in good/reasonable condition with glass and door mechanism. Desertised snatch camo net Windscreen glass Cash ready for right parts. Thanks, Simon.
  3. Hi all, Im am after a little help with my snatch landrover. The drivers door latch is partially missing so the door won't stay closed. I don't have a parts manual for this vehicle, can somebody advise me if the mechanism is the same as other defenders with lift up latches or if it's unique to the snatch. Thanks in advance. Simon
  4. I appreciate that this wont be to everyone's taste, but I thought some might enjoy seeing it. I was about to throw this old helmet into the back of the shed probably never to be seen again, but instead, thought of doing something a little different with it. I ran the knot brush over it to get rid of the heavy rust Sprayed it in Fertan to kill the rust Drilled a hole in the top Hung it up in the car park to dry after spraying in primer..... :nut: And finished article... A new clock!
  5. Hi all - hopefully you can solve a mystery for me I have 'large' 1941 dated zuckerman helmet in my collection. It is stencilled with 'C.P.' on the front. Can anyone advise as to what this stands for? My best guess is 'Civilian protection' but I'm sure I'm wrong! I look forward to hearing your responses
  6. Great work - I look forward to watching the 110 GS get the same treatment!
  7. Looking at old photographs I was able to determine the rough shape and size of the steps. Parts of the original steps remained spot welded to the track guards, once removed I could accurately place the newly fabricated step in the correct place, I was also able to match the width and steel thickness of the old one and scale it correctly.
  8. The first thing that I did was start to sand through decades of paint, filler and primer in an attempt to find markings. It was originally OD with 'ordnance depot' stencilled on the front quarters. It was later painted blue and used by the U.S.A.F, on the drivers side I have found it's serial number and USAF stencilled in yellow. The weasel was brought into the workshop and stripped down. I started with the engine side and engine bay area. Transmission cooler - grill removed, the hole was roughly cut using a gas axe With the fuel tank removed the old transmission cooler was unbolted and scrapped, along with the crude angle iron side steps. The weasel still requires a transmission cooler, however, it will be positioned differently. I enlarged the hole, clean cutting the sides. I made a new panel with fresh steel sheet, spot welding it to the frame work underneath, I then gradually seam welded the repair piece into the surrounding hull. I later dressed the welds back and applied several coats of high build primer, block sanding by hand after each coat with a 240 wet and dry. when I was happy with the finish the area was etch primed.
  9. It is a good basis for a project, it has a fairly solid hull coming from a ranch in the states, unfortunately it has been well chopped about. It was also fitted with a roll cage which was removed before these pictures were taken.. The hole in the side was for a transmission cooler and the holes in the front for improved air flow through the rad. It came with an enlarged bonnet that would only fit when there was no windscreen. The running gear in the weasel is a 4.9 litre straight six running through a 3 speed auto box. The transfer box and steering box is original. The service brake no longer actuates both steering brakes, instead it uses a twin calliper disc brake which is mounted on the transfer box input flange. While not to every ones liking, it is a practical and reliable solution, service items are also cheap and readily available.
  10. Hi all, After years of lusting over weasels, I decided to take the opportunity to buy one last year. I am already a way through and thought it would be nice to share my struggles with you all! I am sure I will also get loads of useful input from you too. This will not be to everybody's taste because I intend to leave the weasel the with the wrong engine and gearbox. I will be making numerous subtle modifications and fabrication to make it work but also look right. It will also be left in M29 configuration rather than M29C. With that said, I will be ploughing considerable time, money and effort into it and intend to end up with the weasel I want, that I hope others will appreciate. I have a very particular plan in mind for this truck, I have a little twist planned, which is spurring me on to complete this project, I hope you all enjoy reading about it...
  11. Incredible, thanks for sharing!
  12. Hi all, After some help in identifying this winch and it's likely past application.. It was bought unseen as a 'CCKW winch' Any ideas what it is actually off?
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