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Landie Petrol Changeover Tap


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Anyone know of a source of seals for these buggers?


I believe its a cork disk with stamped holes for the fuel passages, unless anyone can correct me...........?


My source of lean running has been traced to the tap. LH tank position not so bad, RH tank it passes more air and occasionally leads to the odd splutter.

Fuel lines and tank pickups confirmed good, lift pump has been rebuilt with new valves and a diaphragm and pumps like a good 'un!!


Anyone got experience of these? Would it benefit from a stripdown and a rubbing of vaseline to rejuvinate the seal or is that flogging a dying nag? Anyone know the nominal thickness of the stuff so I could order in some gasket?



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As a first attempt, it's worth dropping it in a pan of boiling water. That can swell the cork enough to help if it's not damaged. If not, the cork sheet can be bought. Watch out for cork with neoprene as it isn't fuel resistant but you can also find cork with viton which should do the job.

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They are (and were long before Land Rover days) just a "Enots" TVO change over tap as used on grey Fergies etc.


Why waste time cutting out cork sheet when they cost so little and risk the possibility of fuel loss in the cab or a air suck causing fueling problems that you will only eliminate by fitting a new seal ? One of the tractor spares places on eBay do them for 80p + pp if you hunt them out.



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Thats it! Thats the bugger! Never thought of it as an enots type, makes sense.

I think this one actually has a longer spindle on it to other ones i've seen. Incorporates a cam for selecting the fuel tank sender. Other ones i've seen poke through a bulkhead with just the brass lever, mind you, thats usually marine use..........


Cheers folks, I'll try blanchards a look as well, see what their price is.

Snag is, every time I go near them I end up spending silly money on things I dont really need!

Maybe blue lights for the ambulance........ maybe a spare roof vent..... tap seal...... oooh, the goodies to buy!!!





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