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  1. Glover Webb Hornet Well I have no1 the factory demo. I know 15 were built 12 went to Saudi 2 went I think to Malaya or somewhere like that. There is very little information on them or even pictures. I do have a vid when being used in Bosnia for ITV hired from the company and painted purple. they removed the turret. (got s shoreland turret on at mo) I want to make a replica turret I have a .50cal ring but need better pics or drawings. has anyone got anything that could help davep
  2. Small turret wanted for a project. Anything considered Dave
  3. Many thanks guys.. it will live again,, I used a Detroitt v8 td electronic ecu,, it ran well well it did,, see link
  4. Sorry to say you wont for a few years 2 weeks after this vid a unit next door had a fire, resulting in everything I had being destroyed, the Vickers has extensive damage but its is going to be rebuilt,,
  5. Hi all Just very interested in reading your posts ,,, lol pmpl There seems to be a problem with oversize. A tracked vehicle does not have size restrictions. Even crown vehicles must now comply with law. Ie a challi 2 . There is no exemptions anymore I did 100s and I mean 100 of miles in my tiran on the roads with no problems. THE WIDTH WAS ON THE LOG BOOK,,10.8 AND I TOLD THE INSURENCE. I had people telling my my Foden drops was over width and in construction and use regulations 8.3 is as wide as you can have,, but a Foden is 9.57 wide,,SO stgo REGS at 55ton again I have
  6. Yes i bought it,, sorry about the sound camera phone http://s1278.photobucket.com/user/stal108/media/MOV_0068_zps34dd9d10.mp4.html? http://s1278.photobucket.com/user/stal108/media/STAL108-PC/vickers%20running%20first%20time%20019_zpsuurmzmro.mp4.html?
  7. like that looks a small model of mine what is it who made it?
  8. 1600X20 FIT Happy days need to do some arch mods,, but makes them real fast,,,,, the sldt could do 70mph,, too fast yes but the 350 rolls could pull it, so at 56mph the rpm was reasonable and mpg was very good, A chap tried it on a drops but didnt go through with it,, But i see no reason it would not work as the sldt,, see pics of 1600x20 on a drops,,
  9. Hi ALL As said Alvis "Stalwaltized" a saladin back in the dark ages so it can be done. They also used stolly brakes, A great idea more power and speed and better brakes is a good idea. As others have said im sure there must be someone who has done this if not why not. The gearbox should be ok as long as its not driven like a squaddie. In my saladin i have stripped the transfer from the rest of the box to leave a shaft. I am using a M.A.N 150 6 Cylinder diesel N/A. It revs to 4000rpm and 395ftlb torque using a manual gearbox and the prop going to the shaft. Sounds simple.....! I did the same w
  10. truck with rack 18100kg. 434 13800kg. its registerd as stgo cat2 as a ballast tractor. just using the 434 as ballast,,:cool2:
  11. Im breaking one if you need any bits
  12. I have a Foden Drops. I FIND IT ACE. 434 no problems stollys. You may find the OT is wide and will stick out just be carefull round bends,,
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