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Richard from Kent..

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Hi ya people,,


My name is Richard im new to the forum,looks really interesting so thought id give it a bash.;)

At the mo i own a Ex Military Bomb disposal series 3 Land Rover,which is a copy of a true Bomb disposal,and the reason for this is,it was done up to be in a film but was never used.I could never find which film it was meant for??Still there was 3 of these done out like this and as any military minded person knows about these trucks they never had a white pin strip down the side like mine has.(been told 101 times)LOL.:D:D

Anyway im from the so called garden of England Kent.In the South East of the country in a small town called West Malling(very sweet).:cool2:

Im in the process at the moment of looking for a M35 Reo truck which i have promised myself for years and now the time has come to find one.Well i just might be in luck with a super guy in north wales who has one availible(Hi ya Deryck)..who seems to have a beauty.So in talks at the mo.:cool2::cool2:

I have placed a ad on the classified section as well for a Reo as well just to put the feelers out see whats about????

But overall looking forward to hearing from you fellow enthusiasts out there??

Take care and catch up soon......:-):-)


Regards Richard...

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