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Ration Packs

Ian Dunn

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Can anyone help???


I have restored my 109 GS and marked it for 3 Queens inf (1980)


I am trying to get bits and pieces from that era,


one of the bits i am hoping to obtain is either a one man 24hr Rat Pack or a 10 man 24hr Rat Pack



Has anyone any ideas??? :?:


All the best



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I agree with you there Paul.


Hot Bacon roll stuck to brown biscuits with the condensed milk , swilled down by hot tea whilst sat in the middle of a frosty wood. :)


Aahhhhh what a romantic memory.


Funny how time dimms the memory, I had forgotten the fact that I had probably been wet through for 4 days and could not feel my toes and fingers :lol: :lol:





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I actually worked out that it was best to keep the biscuits and milk tubes and sweeties in my pockets to chomp as you go, put everything else in a mess tin and cook it all in one go.

Looked bizarre, smelled rather odd too but there is something quite exciting about eating it as you never quite knew what taste explosion you were going to get.

Lovely curry , then you got a sudden rush of boiled sweet or rolo followed by a lump of milk powder and some breakfast roll!!

Plus point is that no one was keen on sticking their diggers in it so no sharing :lol:



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The best i found was 'Porrige'!!


oatmeal buiscits mixed with condensed milk (only from a tube ) and a little water !!


worst was Chiken Supreme :cry:


lol I spent a few months as Squadron Leader's LR driver, too early in my career and he thought I ought to be his batman. Mistake.


I'll never forget the look on his face when I presented him with "Porridge" and I am sure we promptly set off to an O group where, out of sight of me, he wombled some "real breakfast."


Had to agree about Chicken Extreme. If you didn't get it hot enough, the sauce remained like jelly. (It didn't actually taste too bad but it looked disgusting." So they replaced Chicken Extreme with "Chicken in Brown Sauce". Same recipe except that they added an Oxo cube to colour it.

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I thought this might be of interest, I photographed these back in the early 1980s for an article I wrote for the old Military Illustrated magazine. The arctic rat pack was just pre Falklands, and the GS pack was 1984. I still have both of these packs but they are probably not in quite such good condition now! The bacon grill and fruit salad tins in particular seem to blow after a few years.

The cheese possessed has stayed strangely inert......maybe because it was a non-organic substance to start with!


I also have two unopened 1974 dated 10 man rat packs which I bought off ebay recently for an amazing 99p each! If anyone wants to see some photos please shout.






ps none of them for sale before anyone asks!





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More Nosh of Yore....


My two ebay 99p specials which include the legendary salmon. The chap who sold them to me had 'inherited' them when he bought his current property. The previous owner had been an arctic explorer (I kid you not) and these had been left over from one of his expeditions in the 1970s. They were found in the loft of a building he used as his map room. You couldn't make this stuff up could you! I found an Airline label attached to the outside of one of the boxes so the story checks out.


Anyway no bidders except me and located only a few miles away. Result!


Enjoy the trip down the gastronomic memory lane....








Legendary salmon.jpg







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'The bacon grill and fruit salad tins in particular seem to blow after a few years.'


Yes, they do and the smell of 30 year old putrifying Bacon Roll was something to behold and not for the faint hearted or weak of stomach!!


Perhaps I should have listened to my wife when she said there was a hissing noise coming from my recently acquired 80s rat pack tins - I said it was next door's tumble dryer - Doh!!

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Briliant pics. I would be very intrested in excact size of the tins and colour i.e. plain tin or a 'yellowish' laquer colour, list of correct content discription. Reason being I have a friend in the transfer business who this weekend had a go very late at night copying a slightly later lettering on the tins. Fist attempt outstanding, going to quote on transfer runs over winter. Only have a pic. of result on my phone at mo. so will sort a pic. this week. I hope to with His help to be able to reproduce ration pack tin transfers correct for the late 70's early 80's for use at living history events. At the mo. only found tins of Co-Op peas that are the EXACT size of the slightly later tin. He will even be able to replicate the soldered seam, or is that a little like rivet counting. :nut: Transfers will be able to be made for use on other contents.

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