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  1. Same with the pig , need to back off the gas to get them to work Jamie
  2. Got the old girl home yestersday , 175 miles , £130 odd pounds of fuel , Penrith to Cupar left at 11 ish got home at 3 ish , one fuel stop , 50 ish mph , bit slow on the uphills , lots of waves and tooting from truck drivers and a couple of stares from the traffic cops around Carlisle. Now to get her under cover and start some tidying up . Does anyone have operating , user , manuals instructions , idiot guides , for the goddes and the auxillary pump on pdf that i could have , too many valves and openings . Jamie
  3. they are JCB 4xc 's if im not mistaken , different from the 3cx as they have same size wheels whereas 3xc have a smaller steering front wheel , presumably so they dont have to carry 2 different sized spare wheels. jamie
  4. oops looks like ive just bought a green goddess pump , how do i tell the wife and how can i hide it ......... or am i stuffed jamie
  5. clive due to the fact that all of the front hatches have been cut off , not by me its how i got it , i will be starting from scratch , the only problem would be the prisms on the front hatches , as the side ones that i have seen look like flat plate with a semi circle cut out for viewing , would the be an accurate representation ?
  6. i do however , managed to get a hold of a pig canvas , fancy rebuilding the lockers on the sides and wings ,and wanting to put hatches back on the pig thought doing the mk1 side hatches rolling back the pig to older times , what do you think ? Jamie
  7. Evening All , can anyone enlighten me on the type of radios thay would have been fitted in a pig if it was in service in Germany during its service in germany ..... cherrs all Jamie
  8. 6 months jail time , thats what the two blokes that spraypainted a poppy on a mosque git , so presidence has been set , 6 months . jamie
  9. yes and have been for a long while , tnt and dhl are your best bet , jamie
  10. google street view for a start then 192.com
  11. Yes , got almost the same reply in relation to hatches for the pig , seemed odd that there would be a set in the USA , spam , scam , avoid
  12. How long is a piece of string , if you get in a bidding war and really want it and so does someone else , depends on condition , if it has racks with it , tyre condition etc etc etc . I know it not a figure . around the 15-20k mark . jamie
  13. i got a 2.5 liter tub of aluminium paint from my local automotive paint supplier , it is intended for the refurb of aluminium wheels , brushable , and is a good match for the inside of my pig , will , have a look on the can what it says for you Jamie
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