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  1. Had to pull a couple of motorhomes out of ruts at the local show yesterday , old chap had the oldest chains that i'd ever seen , rust dropping off them and then was arguing with me when i produced a 6 ton strop and shackles Cetified ever year ) to pull him out saying that he lifted 15 tons with them the day before the show , so drove off telling him that when he came to his sence's to give me a wave and i would come back over and pull him out , Left the show and he was still there. Im not a H&S devoted individual but when im at the other end of a chain (which i wont do) i want to go ho
  2. dont know why a picture of my bike front wheel got in there sorry
  3. Driving home tonight and saw this , Jamie
  4. D&J thabks , will give them a quick call to clear up that point , as i was informed that when the pig came up for renewal , breakdown cover would stop jamie
  5. Hi all , just been speaking to Flux insurance and they told me that the breakdown cover option (that only cost £30) has been done away with . Where does everyone else get cover from ? With a humber pig and a green goddess it was worth it for £30 each , Jamie
  6. if you loved bacon grill , well who didnt, lidl's have a bacon grill which is almost identical to rat pack issue as i remenber jamie
  7. Stupid question , what is the weight of a jeep? Jamie
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