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Fantastic remanufactured airworthy WW1 aircraft

Adam Elsdon

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Done a search on the old SE5A fighter and found a website, which is just tremendous, and it is packed full of restoration/manufacture information for a number of Great War Aircraft they have painstakingly built and flown, its a very nice looking website as well, be prepared to be glued to your PC for a while!!




Here is the "Gun" room for the replica weapons to fit to the aircraft, for when they are flying, some of them are blank firers that they use at airshows/films....


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This is the business owned by Peter Jackson the film director. Just goes to show that not all people who come into large amounts of money do stupid things and waste it on women, fast cars, drugs and gambling. if i had the money i think i would do something similar but with WW1 trucks. Well done Peter.

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Very lucky man, i noticed there was a mention of the "Blue Max" on the site and how it was filmed at the time.

Maybe he has an overiding desire to make a WW1 flyers film, with his know how it would be pretty epic, make a change from the weird sci-fi or disaster based mainstream stuff punted out at the moment.

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Peter Jackson did some experimentation with making a WW1 movie. It was only a few minutes long and was really just a test of his cameras. he made it in a couple of days. There is a clip of it on Youtube here:




it does show i feel what could be acheived if someone throws some real money and effort in to making a WW1 film. I know he is collecting WW1 trucks and aeroplanes in New Zealand. Lets see what he comes up with.



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Great link. The section on building new Oberursel 9cyl rotary engines (which powered the Fokker Triplane) is fascinating, particularly in demonstrating how advanced manufacturing techniques can be used to great advantage.


At a recent International Machine Tool Exhibition I saw these new generation co-ordinate measuring systems, 5-axis machining centres and 'fast prototype' 3-D 'printing' machines which can produce plastic sand moulding patterns from a CAD drawing. I came away with a headache and feeling very 'old-school'.


But the Oberursel article clearly demonstrates how this new technology can enable such projects not only to be contemplated in the first place, but completed in such a short time. Without it this project and many others might just be pipe dreams. Brilliant stuff.

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Adam thought you might be interested in these pictures they were taking at Montrose in 1993. The Se5a replica was owned by a doctor from Aberdeen.


Cheers Stan.


My favourite WW1 fighter, very purposeful looking machine, with a very nice Hispana Suiza V8 in the nose.


Its a shame the idiot "Developer" pulled the rug out from under the trust that was going to buy the former Montrose airfield, then start pull down listed buildings, only to find he couldnt build because the ground was contaminated.

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Lets not forget the tremendous work carried out by Swedish enthusiast Mikael Carlson, who built a full scale perfect working replica of the Fokker Dreidecker SE-XXZ (This was the same type Manfred von Richthofen flew when he was killed)


"It climbs like a monkey, and turns like the devil"...







Amazing, really, considering the stringent laws we have in Sweden concerning flying and building aircraft.


Goran N



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