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  1. I don't suppose anybody kept a copy of this, did they? The owner has made it private now...
  2. Certainly weird enough to be true, seems a bit of an extreme practical joke otherwise? I wonder if the tracks are wide enough to stop it toppling on the corners! Stone
  3. We've got the velcro strip but that's the first pic I've ever seen of one! Looks very respectable. Stone
  4. We've had a few complaints about the brakes, certainly no danger of putting you through the windscreen like our MJ! Also ours has stopped responding to the engine kill knob so you have to stall it :blush: Stone
  5. Would any council actually send manhole covers to the scrappy in a white Transit anyway? It must be blindingly obvious what's legit and what isn't. Stone
  6. Bear in mind the Americans probably won't have had a lot of examples to play with when that manual was written, so they'd want to keep them in good nick too Stone
  7. I'm a huge fan of the SA-13 (especially that vehicle variant, the 9A35 - the 9A34 has a passive radiolocating system with a load of antennas sticking out into the driver's view!) but the inside is quite different from a standard MTLB. If you're just out for looks it's hard to beat though. That's a very tidy one, whose is it? (tons of pics and info here btw) MTLBs are great because the tracks already have holes punched in them to take track pad inserts. Paul, have you still got your front fenders with the headlights etc? Those indicators will come in useful if you ever fancy trying to road-register it :cool2: Stone
  8. What, like this? :cool2 Actually that would be quite easy, it's just a ZU23-2 with the wheels taken off, think STV have a few... Stone
  9. I have a T-62 operator's manual in English - I'm at work on Wednesday so I'll dig it out for you. The T-64 is a fair bit more advanced but it should help with translating the controls Beware: most Soviet MBTs have a idiosyncratic steering method - the two tillers each have two locking positions (forward and middle) and a variable non-locking one (pull back). Forward is final drive gear of 1:1, middle is final drive gear of 2:1 and pulling hard back towards the driver operates the track brake on that side. You can do most gentle turns just with the first two positions, but exiting the turn is a two-step process - straighten out by putting both tillers fully forward, then pull the opposite tiller to turn the other way. If you're used to driving a 432 you'll instinctively try and start a turn by pulling one tiller and exit the turn by pulling the other - this will leave you making a beeline for the gatepost! :nut: Take it easy and leave yourself a bit of extra manoeuvring room and you'll be fine Stone ps: how many people own a tank but don't know how to make it go? :shocked:
  10. The Libyan rebels have got the right idea! :shocked: linky Is that a T-55? Stone
  11. Band I still has good coverage of military airband though. The RF cables on TRIFFID cabins (usually attached to their MJ at Withams) are pretty good quality for ham use - and the strange connectors can be adapted to N-types with the bulkhead sockets. I've still got all sorts of bits kicking around from ours... Stone
  12. 589 days for me, and it wouldn't allow me to keep my old password! Changed it to a new one then back again
  13. Stone

    I won

    Very tidy! For some reason I was expecting it to be a sandy MT-LBv though... Looks made for the DAF, just the right size! I always suspected you could get one on a rigid, they aren't that heavy Stone
  14. Agree with Tony on this: the theory test book was sufficient for two of us to pass our tests with ease (me with 100%!). There's plenty of hazard perception examples on YouTube, a couple of hours well spent. Medical: £55, provisional licence is free or £20 if you update the photo at the same time. Our courses were around £1200 for a week part time (approx 4 hours per day, two hours on Friday before the test) and included test fees which I think is about £150 these days. We didn't take the CPC so don't know about any of that... Stone
  15. Increasingly so, but a huge amount is still sent in the clear between 20MHz and 85Mhz. If you need something to happen quickly and somebody doesn't get the message because they've lost their crypto fill then you have a big problem! Stone
  16. When we got ours, Withams wrote the chassis number incorrectly on the MoD Form 654, so we had to get a date into service independently. If you write to DE&S they will provide you with a date into service from army reg and chassis number but I'm not sure if they could tell you the build date. Ours was first in service early in 1986 so could quite conceivably have been built earlier than the cutoff, but I don't know how you would choose a particularly old one! The military registrations are issued sequentially so you could get something in the 85KDxx/86KDxx range and hope for the best? (Ours was 87KD11). That said, it's not a big job to add side bars and it's a one-off cost for peace of mind. Ours were done by protruck - very professionally - maybe give him a ring? Stone
  17. As Mike says - very unlikely to be allowed to replay anything received live. I dare say you might end up on the wrong end of a severe sense of humour failure... When I last recorded traffic from a British Army exercise we had an enormous amount of regulations with which to comply, including applying to the Home Office for a RIPA licence to allow us to disregard the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. It's not at all straightforward! Your best bet would be a compilation of YouTube / war films, with the usual caveats about copyright law of course. Stone
  18. Even before this there have been a hell of a lot coming up on milweb recently. Price crash in the not-too-distant? Then again the DVLA seem to have forgotten about their non-registration policy... Stone
  19. Don't think so, they could be show plates after all. They only want to see your V5 in Halfords to stop it being quite so trivial to get plates made up for a car you don't own (for reassigning your speeding tickets). I'm pretty confident you'd be committing an offence by using them though, ISTR B&W plates are only legal if they were fitted prior to 2001! If you registered it now (as pointed out above, for the first time) there'd be no way you could have fitted the plates before 2001 so you'd just be making a rod for your own back. I still reckon pressed aluminium plates with retroreflective background material to BS AU 145 look the nads though Stone
  20. Does armour still have to be de-militarised to German specs to transit through Germany? Their requirements involve cutting a lot of holes and it'd make for a hell of a detour to go around them! Could you sea-freight from northern Poland, maybe? :??? Stone
  21. Surely the exemptions can't be repealed without an Act? Maybe the form has been 'simplified' but I would have thought stapling a printed V112G to it would still be acceptable, as it always has been. Stone
  22. Nothing, just kicking the tracks a bit...
  23. The website has come back - I assume they've sorted their legal issues now. Prices as eye-watering as ever! :wow: Stone
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