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  1. Hi all , Seen something like this done before so thought would have a go at making a press tool ,, did a bit of machining to make a press tool for forming two size pressings on some panels , this consists of lower and upper pieces of steel and two center pieces for pressing two different size's , I machined the lower side to suit a pressing for my pal and the upper piece has a smaller slot for my haflinger 6mm plate took a bit of work at .25mm cuts , it would have been quicker drilling slightly undersize then machining the centre piece of steel is placed in position with two 5mm drills either side to hold central then give it a good go in a flypress , the pressings came out quite well on 1.5mm plate (16 gauge ) this is the final part for one side of the press tool after folding , the tooling took a while to make but a few friends are after some of these parts I'd thought about making the platform floor , I'd tested out on some strips of steel sheets to make a corrugated panel that I was quite happy with but thought it might take a while to make , so I went out Saturday morning to an auto salvage breakers yard with a few measurements and found a roof on a Peugeot boxer van , this was the only van that they had in that had the reinforcement ribs running from side to side and a pressing for a sunroof which is in just the right position for engine hatch :-D This will save a bit of work and cost less than the steel its made of :-D
  2. if it wasn't a brake test I'd have said sabotage
  3. Not a bad looking truck are the tyres pneumatic , are there any survivors
  4. fesm_ndt , cheers I've become a member of the haflinger yahoo group not too keen on the layout but might get used to it , I thought I'd start with this hafy then maybe work my way upto a pinz if not maybe make a pinz look a like on a G Wagen chassis Nick Johns , think I've only got one lower bracket for the draw bar but not too fussed as do not think all the Navy hafs had them :)the wife let me get a bit done as she is quite keen to see what I make of it ,, Finnished drilling the outer frame and welded tubes in for the front bumper mounts and B pillar hoops also for the side panels , cut the ends of the box section for the front corners so that there nice and rounded , then slowly welded it up keeping an eye on which way it was pulling , managed to get them spot on with no need to twist strait - first time for everything :lol: pics not too good due to using my phone B pillar tubes welded in , bit much work involved so for the rear side panels I just welded the tubes in as thought it would be easier to extend the fixings for the sides , front corner nearly there looking good so far trial fitting the front
  5. Front screen suround nearly finished , just the wire hoops for the canvas hood ties to fit and the wiper motor A little history found on the net regarding what this one might have been used for . The Haflingers were used by the Commando squadrons in the Royal Navy as utility vehicles on military bases , used to tow aircraft like the Wessex Helicopters , they were used on ships like the HMS Bulwark and HMS Albion also said to be used on ships in the Falklands conflict , :-)
  6. Hi not sure what this one was used for , some were used on airfields while some on aircraft carriers for moving aircraft with a bit of luck there'll be plenty of pics Craig/Nigel/RattlesnakeBob, I've not traced its history yet , I've got the registration documents year is 1965 , the gentleman that I bought it from lives local too me and helps run the Haflinger club , He'd bouth this one to replace the gearbox in one of his Haflingers but found that it was ex Royal Navy that has a lower ratio so no use to him ,, I've got a lot of fabricating to do to make the new panels which is going too be quite chalenging and time consuming to say the least , I know quite a few panels are available but quite exspensive
  7. there was very little left of the rear end remains of the fuel tank windscreen suround looked ok until I got the glass out so started to build a new one , will be back in a short while to answer a few questions
  8. Hi , I,ve started to rebuild an ex Royal Navy Haflinger , the rolling chassis had been kept inside and is in very good condition but the body I,ve got was left outside and the best part of it went into the bin , first i restored the front upper panel then made a new windscreen surround , next need to buy some steel sheets to fold to make the new platform , pics to follow
  9. :blush: keep making this mistake because they were used to move aircraft this is ex Royal Navy
  10. Hi all been a while since I,ve been on here , my munga and other vehicle are tucked away in the back of the barn with a large stack bales blocking them in !!! been busy with some other vehicles from my collection as had to relocate to smaller premisis , corently restoring an ex RAF Puch Haflinger , all the best from Phil
  11. Hi, some good replies regarding the portal reductions , Mike I've got my eye on a local lightweight so might think about the volvo axles :-) few years ago I used to pass a 4x4 dealers that had a 110 pickup crop sprayer on portals ,
  12. yes there's a few coming out the woodwork :-) the prices seem to be creeping up but still a cheap capable jeep , they may not have seen much action but have good pedigree regarding the permanent four wheel drive system , Audi saw fit to use the same idea in the Quatro , The use of SAE 80 oil is this something to do with the VC's ( viscous couplings) or the bronze bearings , anyone know if the VC's are a sealed unit like used in the VW Syncro
  13. :-) Hi Mike great great work as usual :-) ,, the whine of the portal axles , Have you had the reduction gears out or had chance to view them in any of the pinz ? if there noisy like you say- there probably going to be strait cut gears ? I've been looking for info regarding the portal gears for a project but having a job to come up with much :embarrassed:
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