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Hi all.


Arrived at work tonight (1800) and found the Army in my parking space.


It has been deemed appropriate for the Army to assist us fire-fighters in Kent in reaching some of the harder places to get to due to the bad weather.


We have attached to us 8 soldiers, 1 x MAN 4 x 4 cargo truck and 1 x Pinzgauer.










We have transferred our equipment from one of the fire appliances to the MAN - the idea being if the fire appliance was unable to continue on route to an incident, then my crew would transfer to the military vehicles to continue.


Quite a good idea I feel.


Fortunately, at the time of writing this (0047hrs) the main roads are okay but if we were called out into the sticks - we may well have a problem getting to an address.


Here in Gravesend the weather isn't too bad. Down the other end of Kent, Dover way, it's not so clever.


The chaps driving the MAN made me laugh when they told me the unit had only just taken charge of the MAN's - to the extent they had only had two hours driving experience with the new vehicles.


They are quite big vehicles and very wide. One thing struck me was the seating arrangements for troops in the rear compartment.




The new seats are like something off an Alton Towers ride.


I remember the old bench seats from the Bedford MJ and TM era. I went all the way to Scotland on those benches once - never again though.


Stay safe.



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Pics added
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We have attached to us 8 soldiers, 1 x MAN 4 x 4 cargo truck and 1 x Pinzgauer.


I shall try and grab a couple of pics in the morning - if it's quiet.




yeah take about 200 of the Pinz :laugh:


So who you reckon made the decision? Government normally can't think that quick. Neither can top brass. Local commanding officer????

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On the local radio in Kent I hear that 36 Engr Regt are out helping the community in Land Rovers, delivering Meals on Wheels, etc.


Back in the bad snowfall Kent had in 1988, I was snow ploughing around the camp at Ashford in a blizzard, when a Chinook landed in front of me, unloading crews for army ambulances which had been placed around the county. Thankfully that snow only lasted about a week or so, but it did cut off the A20 for days ( before the M20 was completed ).

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nice do you think they would miss them if they went missing :cool2:


yep I need a few bits :)


I wonder if the seat design is for the mine protection? If you look at the new Iveco's the mod bought the seats are anchored from the roof as if anchored to the floor the explosion hits the floor, seat base then your rear end. Quite nice those new Iveco's


Anyway, good to see, hat's off to the Army people.

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What unit do they belong too, 38 Engineer Regt? I see it has a 16 Air Assault sticker in the window.


I'm back at work tonight (2nd night shift).


The chaps belong to 5 Bn Royal Scots (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders), stationed at Canterbury, Kent.


The above belong to 16 Air Assualt so well spotted Loggydriver.


36 Engr Regt were about and about in Kent delivering hot meals to the elderly - rather nice gesture.

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H&S...better safety when braking. sliding or generally in a accident.

That's the one. They're even fitted to Bedford MJs now, it reduces the number of pax you can get in the back to about 8!


Also stops the squaddies voicing their discontent with the driver by crowding towards the tailgate and jumping up and down to lift the front wheels :D



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